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With Halloween just around the corner, the fifth graders at Sunset View Elementary decorate the halls with their hand-painted skeletons. In groups of three and four, the students spent their morning arranging posters to align the bones of their spooky artwork.

During their art class with teacher Suzzie Wilson, the students studied different bones in the body including the skull, hands and feet. Using this newly acquired anatomy knowledge, all of the fifth graders were tasked with creating their own skeletons.

To do this, they first traced the bodies of their classmates on large posters to create an outline for their skeletons. Top and bottom halves of the bodies were traced separately for a fun surprise at the end of the project. Next, using masking tape as a guide, the students mapped out the bones within the body. With the tape still down, each group painted their entire poster, making sure to cover the taped areas.

Once dry, they lifted the tape to reveal unpainted portions resembling bones. With completed halves of their skeletons, each group then began to trade top and bottom portions to create spooky and fun mix and matched skeletons. According to the students, many loved this project because they got to work as a team and they were able to learn about new parts of the body.

Madison Bliss
  • Madison Bliss