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Last modified: October 27, 2023

Title III Identification Letter

To the Parent or Guardian,

Provo City School District is committed to providing services that meet the needs of all children. Federal law requires parents of EL (English Learner) students be notified annually of their student’s English language development progress, support services provided, and exit criteria.  EL students are also called Multilingual Learners (ML). 

Your student has been identified as a Multilingual Learner (ML).  The proficiency score for your student is *.  To help you understand what this means, an explanation of English language proficiency levels are at the bottom of this letter.  It has been determined that he/she is eligible for Multilingual Learner (ML) support services.  

All Multilingual Learner support services for students in Provo School District include instructional teaching strategies and programs to differentiate the learning needs for each student’s level of academic English language proficiency.  Highly qualified teachers provide instruction to Multilingual Learners.  The support programs and services in the schools are used to help each student reach English academic language proficiency in reading, writing, speaking and listening; succeed academically in all core subjects; and to support students with the aim of high school graduation.

Your child’s English language proficiency was assessed and/or identified using one of the following assessments:

  • WiDA Screener – given to identify new students to Provo City School District or to students who have recently been identified as having another native language fluently spoken in the home, information gathered from student registration on the Home Language Survey;
  • ACCESS – given to students at the end of year who have previously been identified as English Language Learners while in Provo School District or while enrolled in a prior school district in the state of Utah;

The ACCESS is given annually to monitor progress in listening, speaking, reading and writing English in academic language.  Your student will take the assessment annually.  You will be notified of your student’s scores as soon as results are available.

Once demonstrating an overall proficiency of a 4.2 (with a minimum 3.5 in speaking), a level 5 or 6 on the ACCESS, your student will be monitored for four years and may no longer take the yearly ACCESS assessment.  If, at the end of the four-year monitor period, it is determined by a student support team (parent/guardian, teachers, administrators) that your student is maintaining grade-level proficiency standards, your student will be exited from EL services. 

If you prefer your child not receive EL support services, you must submit an EL Services Parent Opt Out Form, available from the EL Supervisor at your school.  This request will be good for one year.  Your student will remain identified as an English Learner until he/she demonstrates proficiency on the ACCESS Assessment.  

If you have any questions, please contact your student’s teacher or the EL Supervisor at your school.

Levels 1 through 4

1 Entering

  • Knows and uses minimal social language and minimal academic language with visual support.

2 Emerging

  • Knows and uses some social English and general academic language with visual support.

3  Developing

  • Knows and uses social English and some specific academic language with visual support.

4.0-4.2 Expanding

  • Knows and uses social English and some technical academic language.

Monitored for 4 years (Exited from EL after 4 years or monitoring)

4.2 (expanding) and a minimum of a 3.5 in speaking

  • Knows and uses social English and some technical academic language with most grade level material.

5 Bridging

  • Knows and uses social and academic language working with grade level material.

6 Reaching

  • Knows and uses social and academic language at the highest level measures by this test.