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Last modified: September 11, 2023

After School Programs

Success for afterschool programs is achieved together!

Thousands of students participate in intervention programs each day in Provo City School District. The purpose of these programs is to provide assistance to those students who may otherwise fall behind in their studies. These programs are offered before, during and after school and provide students with the extra educational help they need to succeed, but may not be able to find elsewhere. The following stories highlight the impact that these programs are able to have on Provo students, which is greatly enhanced by the generous donations of our community partners.


Tutoring is a chance for students to get extra help after school to master concepts taught during the school day.

“As a teacher, I was so grateful to have the afterschool program to supplement and reinforce what was being taught in my classroom. Last year, I had a student that got little to no support at home and struggled with math and reading in the beginning of the year. He was at least one grade level behind in both subjects and I quickly referred him to the program. Throughout the year, he progressed from reading around 25 words per minute to reading 95 words per minute by the end of the year!

He became a much more confident and happy student as he came to love reading, math and learning in general. He was one of many that benefited greatly from the program. What a huge benefit it is to have supportive, capable adults to provide a safe place and extra help to students who may not have it otherwise.” ~District Teacher

STEM Programs

These programs allow students to participate in STEM activities such as coding, engineering, space missions, etc. to prepare them for the future. Many of these programs are not offered as part of the core instruction during regular school hours. students in STEM activity

“For one fifth grade student, the coding class was his first experience with programming computers. One day, he asked me to help him with a problem he was having with one of the exercises. The solution to the problem required him to see it in a new light. In order to work it out correctly, he needed to use ‘multiple layer loops’ which was a new concept for him. We worked through it step-by-step and he saw how he could solve the problem using this new concept. He was excited about having solved the exercise problem in what was an elegant fashion. I’m really pleased how he is grasping these new concepts and then applying them to the problems. He has been excited about the class.” ~ District Teacher

Classes for Parents

Parents are provided with parenting classes, English classes, driving classes, technology classes, etc. to help support the needs of the family and the communities they live in.

“We have a Driver’s Ed. course for parents. After the course ended, a woman came up to me. She thanked me for providing the class. She said her husband had been trying to pass the driver’s test for many years. He had never been able to pass the written portion. Two days after the course ended, her husband was able to pass the exam.” ~District Teacher

Credit Recovery

Credit Recovery takes place during afterschool and summer school. This allows students who are lacking credits for graduation to catch up with their peers. student receiving diploma

“Last year, I worked with several students who were behind four or more credits needed for graduation by the end of their senior year. With assistance from all of our staff, we were able to help them retrieve the credits through online learning packets and through working with their teachers on individual projects. We ended up having an additional nine students graduate that we did not expect.

Some of the interventions that we applied were pulling students in after hours, taking computers that have been donated from the community and businesses to students, working with BYU in developing online alternative options, as well as picking students up from their homes at odd hours of the day.” ~ High School Administrator

Homework Help

Homework help supports both parents and students by providing an opportunity to complete homework after school with the assistance of teachers, para-educators or volunteers.

“I would like to thank the afterschool program for helping two of my students receive homework help and support, which made it possible for them to be prepared every day. Their homework was always done and correct. They do not have the help at home that they need to complete the homework so this program has been a great support for them. They struggle academically due to ELL struggles and having their homework complete and correct every day has been a great blessing. They are more confident and feel good about being prepared every day. They love to answer math questions in class when we correct the homework because they know the answers.” ~District Teacher

Enrichment Activities

Students of all ages are able to participate in enrichment activities such as art, theater, sports, dance and robotics.

“I joined [afterschool] volleyball senior year because I wanted something to remember my high school experience. I enjoyed volleyball so much because I got to meet girls and boys that I normally wouldn’t talk to. The coaches pushed us to work very hard, and even though we sometimes doubted ourselves, the coaches and teammates were there to help you and lift you back up. There were a couple of times where we would bump heads with each other and we wanted to pull each other’s hair out. But, as soon as we stepped onto that court, that all goes away because we all play as one.

Summer School

Students are able to participate in summer camps, enrichment activities and/or catch up on concepts they may not have mastered during the school year. students raising hans

“Last summer, we had a new student enroll from Latin America. She did not speak English, so I signed her up for the ESL program that was being offered. After attending the class she told me, “Wow! Those students talk like me!” In that moment, I learned how important it was for her to know that there were other students in the same situation as her. She was not alone. She was very shy at first.

After attending the ESL class she was able to build friendships with the other students. The class even made plans to go to the rec center after school. I was very pleased to have offered ESL during the summer because we had a lot of new students who did not speak English. The class built their self-esteem and helped them be successful in the upcoming school year.” ~Site Coordinator

Please Donate Today

Every child should strive to be college and career ready. Each student deserves a stable learning environment. Every student should be able to explore his or her interests. This is what we strive for each day in Provo City School District. Our Superintendent, Keith Rittel, said it best when he stated, “Bringing our best, all day, every day, to every child. This is what we strive to achieve in Provo City School District. Each child in our district deserves to have the opportunity to succeed and be the best they can be. Through events such as the Easter Basket Auction, the necessary programs and interventions are provided to the students in need.” We need your help. Every dollar donated by our community partners is used to fund intervention programs at all of the schools in Provo City School District. Your support is appreciated. Please donate today.