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Fall festivities within the District continue as Spring Creek Elementary combines their love of reading with pumpkins. On display right now in the school’s library is their “Storybook Pumpkin Patch”. Organized by Spring Creek’s librarian, Angela Laughlin, the Patch holds a collection of colorful pumpkins decorated in the style of the students’ favorite characters from their favorite books.

Those who wanted to join in first selected a character from a favorite book of theirs. Next, they wrote a description of the character and chose a title for their pumpkin to be displayed with their artwork. Many worked individually, others in groups and some even came together as a class to pick a pumpkin for the patch.

A variety of books were selected including Harry Potter, Pete the Cat and the Pigeon Series. Decorated with paint, pipe cleaners and googly eyes, these pumpkins are the cream of the crop.

Starting at the beginning of the month and continuing through the end of this week, over 91 pumpkin submissions have made their way to the patch so far. While this is only the first year, the event was a success and will continue as a tradition for Spring Creek Elementary.

Madison Bliss
  • Madison Bliss