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On Tuesday, October 10, 2017, Rock Canyon students had an assembly to take a pledge. But not just any pledge; a pledge to be drug free for the rest of their lives. Red Ribbon Week was in full swing and a few visitors came to talk to the students. Corbin Kaufusi, current BYU football player and former Rock Canyon student, spoke to the kids about the importance of avoiding drugs. It was neat to have someone who grew up at Rock Canyon return and give his advice. Aaliyah Rose, singer from The Voice, also came and encouraged students to make the pledge. After the students committed to be drug free, Principal Dean Neilsen shaved his mustache in front of the student body.

Red Ribbon Week is influential in teaching students to stay away from harmful substances. Rock Canyon students showed courage this week as they made a stand for a healthy and happy life.

Shalee Hiskey
  • Shalee Hiskey