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The Provo City School District and Board of Education awarded five Provo Way awards in September.

The Provo Way award is an opportunity for the district to celebrate the positive things students, teachers, administrators, parents, and staff do for the community.

This week, we’d like to celebrate and congratulate Timpanogos Elementary’s Dual Language Immersion Teacher, Sarah Jensen.

Sarah Jensen manages students from all walks of life in her Dual Language Immersion classroom. During the Award reception, Sarah split students into small groups sharing some proficient students and some students still learning proficiency, checking in with each group individually to discuss their progress. Her ability to manage and care for each student is self-evident, as fellow teacher Melanie Staten informs us:

“Sarah Jensen is an exceptional advocate for students of diverse backgrounds and has a high standard of excellence for her students. She teaches in Dual Immersion and has a wide variety of Spanish proficiency levels in her classroom daily. Still, she manages to offer each student a challenge, making learning engaging for all.

I’ve been so happy to work with her in the last few years, and I’m so impressed by the care that she puts forth. She cares for each student, learns their home languages and cultures, and fights for each student to be important in her classroom. It’s so impressive and inspiring to me.”

Thank you for seeing and caring for each student as your own, Sarah Jensen, and congratulations.

Shauna Sprunger
  • Coordinator of Communications
  • Shauna Sprunger