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The Provo City School District and Board of Education gladly awarded five Provo Way awards in August. 

The Provo Way award is an opportunity for the district to celebrate the positive things students, teachers, administrators, parents, and staff do for the community.

This week, we’d like to celebrate and congratulate Timpview’s Biology Teacher, Halley Kartchner, for her hands-on and autonomy-first pedagogical approach. We also thank her for her commitment in mentoring and building rapport with her fellow teachers and students.

To quote Rachel Reese, fellow teacher and nominator:

As a new teacher at Timpview High, I was anxious to hit the ground running the week before students joined us in classrooms. Halley quickly jumped in to help me with everything from curriculum planning to decorating my classroom. She generously offered her time and expertise, making me feel more at ease and ready for the school year!

Reese’s account of generosity and fellowship held true throughout the Provo Way Award visit. Students more than cheered during the award; many nodded or hummed in agreement with Rachel Reese’s speech.

For those visiting as a guest or student, it might seem that her abilities as a teacher are innate and effortless– and to a certain degree, that is true. To fellow educators, however, it’s evident that effort and dedication underpin her lessons.

In our next article, we’ll spend a day in Halley Kartchner’s classroom as her students learn to investigate complex questions and problem-solve by getting their hands dirty– with a cockroach lab. Please return to our News section tomorrow at 3:00 PM for the whole story.

This article is the first in a two-part series covering Halley Kartchner’s Provo Way award, what a class with Kartchner looks like, and a quick breakdown of a lab assignment to highlight how she creates stellar lessons.

Spencer Tuinei
  • Communication Specialist
  • Spencer Tuinei