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This article was written by Marketing Communications Intern and Provo High student, Mazie Smith.

Of all the students walking through the hallways of Provo High, Camila Velez stands out as an exceptional student worthy of praise. She is the kind of person who is busy running from club to club, between Student Government, National Honors Society, and DECA.

DECA (An Association of Marketing Students) is a not-for-profit organization preparing high school and college students for careers in marketing, finance, hospitality, and management worldwide. Camila’s can-do attitude and interest in marketing can take her anywhere she wants to go. But she needed experience, something hard to come by as a high school student. That’s where DECA comes in. 

Camila has been in DECA since her sophomore year. She joined DECA because of her desire to learn more about business and is interested in a marketing future. Camila has participated in different business operation competitions within DECA– and the nerves are always there. 

An issue she would face at DECA competitions is her anxiety before an event. Anxiety over public speaking is something many people can relate to. What helped Camila was her amazing DECA advisor and teacher, the well-loved Mr. Eady, who helped calm her nerves.

She considered him a mentor who helped her recognize her strengths, giving her some needed confidence before the competition.

Camila is an example of a student who desires to succeed in the business world. She had to face fears related to public speaking. Through DECA, she received the support to overcome her fears, and now she’s ready to take on any challenge, business-related or not, that comes her way.

As you can see, DECA is a course that teaches resilience in the face of fear in low-stakes environments with friends– all while improving the ability to join the workforce after graduating. Camila finished her interview by highly recommending DECA to other students, especially those interested in marketing and business. 

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