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In the digital age, worrying about your child’s online experience is natural.

Luckily, our Innovative Learning Division provides ongoing professional development for K-12 educators to facilitate integrations of meaningful digital citizenship into each content area. We understand that the landscape of digital technology is constantly changing; we are dedicated to keeping our educators up-to-date and students safe.

One solution available that our schools use is’s Digital Citizenship Units, spanning K-12, which address significant concerns like screen time, online privacy, cyberbullying, and media literacy, empowering teachers to foster responsible digital citizenship in students with 21st-century skills.

Addressing Top Concerns for Schools and Parents

Parents understandably worry about how technology is integrated into their children’s education. Common concerns include screen time, online privacy, cyberbullying, and the reliability of digital information. Each Digital Citizenship unit, regardless of grade, addresses these concerns, covering essential topics such as:

  • Media Balance and Well-being: Teaches students to find a healthy balance between screen time and other activities, promoting well-being.
  • Privacy and Security: Educates students on how to protect their personal information and stay safe online.
  • Digital Footprint and Identity: Aids students to understand the permanence of their digital actions and how they contribute to their online identity.
  • Relationships and Communication: Fosters positive and respectful online interactions.
  • Cyberbullying and Hate Speech: Equips students with tools to recognize cyberbullying and hate speech, giving directions on how to systematically combat hate speech and encourage positive, civil communication.
  • News and Media Literacy: Teaching critical thinking skills to evaluate and source digital information sources.

Digital Citizenship Units

We encourage parents to visit CommonSense’s Digital Citizenship website to learn more about what their children are learning and how they can support these important lessons at home.

Spencer Tuinei
  • Communication Specialist
  • Spencer Tuinei