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Many people have asked about plans for the current Dixon Middle School site following the proposed move of the school to a new location. Our desire is to assure the public that we have the best intentions in mind for this site, and as such we can answer the question in the following way:

We are having serious discussion with United Way and the Boys and Girls Club about establishing a new presence in the Dixon neighborhood. These two organizations have been longtime partners with Provo City School District on a variety of efforts for many years. The Boys and Girls Club serves students from Kindergarten through high school. The United Way would like to offer a community center similar to the one existing in the South Franklin area that serves families. The Intermountain Health Clinic currently on site would remain and continue to serve the neighborhood.

These are introductory/conceptual discussions at this point, but we have established some common interests.  

Details such as renovations, timelines, leasing, etc. are still to be discussed. Some renovations will be needed, although again, funding and scope have yet to be hammered out. We hope our community partners will be able to contribute to renovation/re-purposing costs. We have had confidential offers from local donors to contribute to a project like this.

This permits us to retain at least a portion of the existing building, since some in the neighborhood have expressed support for keeping it.  The school district retains possession of the building and property, as the board has stated is a priority.

This allows us to potentially bring services to families and children on the West side of the city in a central location.

The district has a long and mutually cooperative relationship with the Boys and Girls Club and with United Way. Both organizations have established records of providing wonderful opportunities for children and families.

Many more discussions must take place with these community partners before we can consider this to be anything close to a certainty.

Caleb Price
  • Director of Communications
  • Caleb Price