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Last modified: December 5, 2023

Policy No. 3410 Services for Homebound Students

Provo City School District, pursuant to State Office of Education guidelines, seeks to enable the continuance of academic progress for those students defined as homebound and/or hospitalized. Accordingly, guidelines have been developed to alleviate concern over academic work/credit, to ensure that students maintain the skills necessary for returning to the classroom, and to provide for ongoing school/home contact during the term of illness or injury.

The Board directs the Superintendent or designee to develop procedures which will facilitate the academic progress of homebound or hospitalized students in accordance with this policy.

Legal References:


Definition of Homebound/hospitalized services


Physically excused due to injury, illness, etc.


Period of absence must be estimated

Approved by Board of Education

October 8, 2013


Policy 3410 P1 Services for Homebound Students