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Last modified: December 5, 2023

Policy 3401 P4 Wellness: Recess and Inclement Weather

The Provo City School District Board of Education recognizes the link between healthy active bodies and productive minds. The Board places value on regular exercise as part of the curricular and extra-curricular dimensions of the educational program.

Provo City School District administrators are to make the most informed decision possible when determining when students should stay inside or be permitted to be outside. Here are some guidelines to consider:

  • Children should arrive at school dressed for the weather of the day so they can safely and comfortably enjoy recesses or other outdoor activities. All healthy children will be expected to go out for recess, except in extreme weather conditions (temperature, wind chill, rain, snow, etc.) 
  • If your child cannot participate in recess for health reasons, please send a note communicating this to the teacher and main office. Children may stay inside each day they have a note or have created a health plan that would be implemented to accommodate the student’s needs.
  • All students will remain inside in extreme weather conditions such as: very cold temperatures (below 20 degrees) and wind chill, heavy rain and snowfall, unhealthy air/inversions (we check air quality daily, see policy 3401 P3).
  • In the event of a major weather event (severe storm, power outage, or other major event) the District’s communications department will notify parent(s)/guardian(s) through the district website, phone call system, text, and email. See policy 6607 Inclement Weather.


December 10, 2018

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