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Last modified: December 1, 2023

Policy 3230: Search and Seizure

Provo City School District seeks to maintain the safety and wellbeing of students at all times. As such, the Board acknowledges the need of appropriate school officials to act when the health and safety of students is immediately threatened. In accordance with both Utah Code and recommendations of the Utah State Office of Education, procedures for search and seizure have been developed which outline steps to take when there is reasonable suspicion that a rule or law has been violated and a search needs to be conducted. These procedures also direct appropriate school officials in the necessary custody, control, and disposal of any illegal or dangerous substance or objects taken from a student.

The Board expects that while searches may need to be conducted under urgent circumstances, in the course of any search students’ privacy rights will be respected regarding any items that are not illegal or against district/board policy.

The Board directs the superintendent to develop procedures for enforcing this policy for search and seizure in schools and ensuring the health and safety of students.

Legal References & Synopsis

  • Utah Code 53G-8-509
  • Board rules to ensure protection of individual rights
  • Utah Code 53G-8-510
  • Notification of teachers of weapons on school property- Immunity from civil and criminal penalty
  • Utah Code R277- 495
  • Electronic Devices in Public Schools

Approved by the Board of Education

March 12, 2013