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Last modified: September 27, 2023

3160 P1 Non-Utah Resident Students

The purpose of this policy is to articulate enrollment requirements for non-resident students whose parent(s)/guardian(s) reside outside of the state of Utah.

The following procedures will be followed in admitting students:

  1. Minors are considered residents of the district and are allowed to enroll in Provo City School District if they are under the supervision of a private or public agency, married, or considered an emancipated minor by a court of law.
  2. Non-resident students whose parent(s)/guardian(s) reside outside the state of Utah are charged a tuition fee at least equal to the per capita cost of the school program, inaccordance with Utah State Code.
  3. Upon payment of tuition, a Durable Power of Attorney will allow the local responsible adult to act on behalf of the parent(s) or legal guardian(s) to enroll the student in Provo City School District. Durable Powers of Attorney do not confer legal guardianship and may be revoked at any time by the parties named in the agreement.
  4. Students whose parent(s)/guardian(s) reside outside of the state of Utah and have a local responsible adult who has received and can provide a letter of guardianship from Utah courts can be considered residents and may be enrolled in Provo City School District.
  5. The district may provide required court documents when a petitioner is filing for legal guardianship with the appropriate court.
  6. Before the Assistant Superintendent of Student Services or designee signs appropriate court waivers for guardianships, all non-resident students must complete the requirement of a background check if the student is over the age of eleven. Petitioners must also present:
    • A written, notarized letter indicating the reason for the student not living with parents;
    • A Durable Power of Attorney to act on behalf of parent(s)/guardian(s); and
    • A citizenship report from the previous school. The Provo City School District is under no obligation to enroll a non-resident student, even though the person seeking to enroll the student is willing to pay tuition.

Legal References & Synopsis

Utah Code 53G-6-306 

Permitting attendance by nonresident of the state- Tuition


October 8, 2013

Policy and Form