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Last modified: September 27, 2023

3118 P1 Open Enrollment

It is the policy of Provo City School District to support and promote student choice of a school or program when that choice does not negatively affect the resident school and/or the receiving school. Procedures and guidelines are established in compliance with Enrollment Options Program outlined in the Utah Code Annotated. Student(s), parent(s)/guardian(s) requesting attendance at a school other than their home school shall complete the attached application form using the guidelines for participation as outlined.

The general procedures contained in:

  • Section A apply to all applicants;
  • Section B relate to open enrollment requests;
  • Section C apply to special need requests; and
  • Section D specify due process appeal procedure.
  1. The Open Enrollment Request period begins December 1 and continues through the third Friday in February of each school year. Applications will be available after November 15th. Applications received prior to or on December 1, by 5:00 p.m. will be dated December 1st.
  2. SPECIAL NEEDS requests may be made at any time for the current school year.
  3. If construction, remodeling, or other circumstances beyond the control of the Board do not reasonably permit the Board to make sufficiently accurate enrollment projections for a given school, to determine whether that school should be designated as available for open enrollment for the coming year, or if exigent circumstances require modification of this policy to function reasonably, the Board shall permit submission of enrollment applications for that school during the application period and notify applicants that approval will be delayed until additional information is available or policy modifications are adopted.

Resident and Intra-district Student Applicants

A. General procedures for participation applicable to ALL applicants

  1. Each application shall be submitted on the district approved form. A non-refundable $5.00 processing fee per applicant (checks made payable to: Provo City School District) will be charged at the time of application. Each application will be processed according to the guidelines in Section B.
    • If the application is approved, the student is expected to honor that commitment for the requested school year. Failure to do this would disrupt staffing and scheduling plans at the requested school and the resident home school.
    • Once enrolled, the student may remain enrolled, subject to condolence with rules and standards established by the District and/or the school or established by individual agreement, unless one of the following occurs: 1) The student graduates; 2)the student is no longer a Utah resident; or 3) the student is suspended or expelled. Continued enrollment is also subject to space availability. Revocation requires returning to the home school or district. If exclusion is necessary for the next school year, parent(s)/ guardian(s) will be notified by March 15th. An effort will be made to place excluded students in another school where space is available before new applicants are placed. The most recently enrolled will be the first excluded.
    • Other than exclusion for cause, students who choose to return to their home school for the next year shall notify the school they are attending on or before March 15th.
    • A Utah resident student whose legal residence is outside Provo City, but will be staying in Provo City School District boundaries, shall provide with the application a durable power of attorney to establish a legal contract with a Provo City resident.
    • Transportation to and from the requested school, consistent with the starting and ending time of school is the responsibility of the parent(s)/guardian(s) of the student.
    • Utah High School Activities Association guidelines and policies are controlling for students who participate in high school athletics and activities.
    • Falsification or misrepresentation of information on the application will result in a cancellation of the application.
    • The application process includes the following dates:
      • Prior to November 30th – The Board will announce policies and procedures to follow for choice and designate which schools and/or programs will be available for open enrollment.
      • December 1st to 3rd Friday in February – Submission of application to Provo City School District for the following year.
      • By March 15th – District shall notify parent(s)/guardian(s) in writing whose students will be excluded the next school year due to increased enrollment.
      • By March 31st – District shall notify in writing, of acceptance or rejection of application.
      • By April 15th – Notification by student to Provo City School District of intent to enroll. The commitment is for the full school year.
      • By April 15th – Parent(s)/guardian(s) notify the Provo City School District in writing of a student’s desire to return to the resident school.
      • By April 30th – Provo City School District will notify the resident district of the student’s intent to enroll in Provo City School District
  2. Acceptance or rejection of an application shall be determined on an individual basis. Standards applied to each application include at least the following:
    • No student shall be allowed to voluntarily enroll in schools within the District unless, on a case-by-case basis, the District determines that there is capacity for additional students in the grade level, programs, or school building for which the student applied, and that there is adequate space, facilities, and teacher availability in the class or school for which the student applied;
    • The District shall maintain heterogeneous student populations consistent with Board policy, and as necessary to avoid violation of constitutional or statuary rights of students;
    • The District shall not be required to provide any program that it has not previously provided to its own students. If the District does not offer a program that the student requires, that fact shall be considered in reviewing the student’s application;
    • The District shall consider the willingness of prospective students to comply with District and/or school policies;
    • While there is no stated or implied guarantee to enroll siblings, the District shall consider whether an applicant’s brother(s) and/or sister(s) are attending the requested school or another school in the District; and
    • Applications may be denied to those who have committed serious infractions of the law or school rules, or have been guilty of chronic misbehavior which would, if it were to continue, endanger persons or property, cause serious disruption in the school, or place unreasonable burdens on school staff. Academic standing cannot be used for exclusion. Expectations may be made by provisional agreement entered into between the parent(s)/guardian(s), student(s), and the school establishing conditions and consequences for continued enrollment. Students who have been suspended or expelled in their resident district or area of attendance will not be accepted.

B. Guidelines for participation during the open enrollment request period

December 1st through the 3rd Friday in February

  1. Initiate application at the district office. Requests during this period do not require a release from their home district.
  2. The application form must be completed and returned, along with the $5.00 processing fee per applicant (checks made payable to: Provo City School District) to the district office as soon as possible but no later than the 3rd Friday in February. Parent(s)/guardian(s) and student(s) will be notified in writing on or before March 31st of their acceptance or rejection of the application. If accepted, notification to the district of intent to enroll must be returned to the district office by April 15th
  3. Out-of-district applicants must attach: documentation providing Utah residency; an unofficial transcript (grades 7-12); an official copy of birth certificate; and immunization record.
  4. The OPEN ENROLLMENT REQUEST period begins December 1st and continues through the 3rd Friday in February. If there are more requests than can be accommodated at a particular school, or if the number adversely affects the resident school, or if the number adversely affects the resident school, a lottery will be used to determine which applications will be approved. The board reserves the right to use a different selection method if circumstances warrant it. Provo City School District students will be given first priority for placement in participating schools. Applications’ priority during this period will be given to siblings who have brothers and/or sisters attending the requested school. All other applications will then be processed on a first come, first served basis. 

C. Guidelines for SPECIAL NEEDS applicants.

Such applicants shall:

  1. Initiate application at the district office. Parent(s)/guardian(s), and student(s) requests during this period requires a release from the home school or district. Changing the student’s enrollment during the current school year requires approval of both the home district and the district in which enrollment is sought. Due to problems associated with required classes and credit for graduation, high school students are encouraged to transfer at the semester break.
  2. The application form must be completed and returned, along with the $5.00 processing fee per applicant (checks made payable to: Provo City School District).
  3. Each applicant must have a documented individual special need that is identifiable beyond personal preference.
  4. Each applicant shall comply with the provisions of section A of this procedure, as applicable.
  5. Applications will be considered and processed as soon as possible after submission. Parent(s)/guardian(s), and student(s) will be notified in writing of acceptance or rejection of the application within fifteen (15) days of receipt of application.

D. Due process appeal procedure

  1. As outlined in the parent(s)/guardian(s), and student grievance procedure

Approval Date

March 12, 2013

Policy and Forms