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Last modified: September 27, 2023

Policy 3118: Open Enrollment Policy

Open Enrollment

It is the policy of Provo City School District to support and promote student choice of a school or program when that choice does not negatively affect the resident school and/or the receiving school. To manage the policy for open enrollment, procedures have been outlined regulating school capacity for transfers, transfer requests, and standards for student transfer applications.

The Board directs the superintendent to develop procedures for managing open enrollment in order to facilitate student choice while maintaining orderly staffing and scheduling plans, and an orderly atmosphere in schools.

Legal References and Synopses:

  • Utah Code 53G-6-402: Open enrollment options- Procedure- Processing fee- Continuing enrollment
  • Utah Code 53G-6-407: Intra-district transfers for students impacted by boundary changes- Transportation of students who transfer within a district
  • Utah Code R277-437: Student enrollment options

Approved by the Board of Education:

January 8, 2013

Procedures and Forms