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Last modified: September 26, 2023

Policy No. 1315 Disbursement and Training Regarding Approved Policies and Procedures

Responsibility for maintaining accurate records of Provo City School District policies and procedures rests with the Superintendent, as Secretary of the Board of Education.

The Superintendent, or designee, will maintain an online resource containing current policies adopted by the Board together with any applicable procedures adopted by the administrative council and approved by the Superintendent. The online resource will be maintained in a file accessible by all district staff, parents, and community members.

At the time of modification, addition, deletion or new adoption of policy or procedure, the Superintendent shall, in a timely manner notify the appropriate administrators and other staff in the district. Training will also take place for administrators and others at the discretion of and directed by the Superintendent.

Approved by Board of Education:

August 13, 2013