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Ann Avery’s second grade class let loose and gave it their all during a well-deserved musical party with music teacher Kristen Freeland.

Throughout the school year, each class at Provo Peaks Elementary works hard to follow the rules, participate and act respectfully during their time with Freeland. If they do well, they earn a gold star. Once a class earns a total of five stars, they get the opportunity to enjoy a fun party.

For these second graders, their reward is somewhat of a musical extravaganza as they move around the room from station to station playing a variety of instruments. In groups of two and three, the students pound it out on the drums, sand blocks, shakers, and xylophones with all energy of heart until time runs out and they rotate to the next location.

During their party, the students are allowed to freely express themselves so long as they follow the one rule to respect and care for the instruments. Adhering to these instructions, many of the students get in the Christmas spirit by belting out various versions of the classic “Jingle Bells” by replacing the familiar lyrics with sillier ones. With each rotation and new instrument, the second graders grow increasingly excited to continue singing and playing.

At the end of the party, Freeland removes their stars from the whiteboard and places them back inside the bag, giving her students the opportunity to work their way back up to another party. However, for these well-behaved second graders, they’re sure to make it to five in no time.

Madison Bliss
  • Madison Bliss