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During the March 12, 2024 School Board Meeting, the board heard updates on the construction progress at Timpview High School, Wasatch and Shoreline Middle School. Construction developments is progressing smoothly, with significant strides toward completing various phases.

Wasatch Elementary School:

Progress at Wasatch Elementary School remains on schedule, with significant milestones achieved. Construction on the north side is fully topped out on masonry, while southern roofing will commence as planned. 

The kindergarten area is nearing completion of masonry work before transitioning to the cafeteria, followed by the auditorium. The kindergarten area’s exterior windows and steelwork are progressing steadily, with drywall installation and power conduit placement underway on the first floor. Drone footage showcases the notable advancements on-site, underscoring the project’s steady progress.

Shoreline Middle School:

At Shoreline Middle School, construction is advancing according to schedule, with various aspects nearing completion. Landscaping efforts, including rock placement and mulching, are underway, signaling preparations for upcoming asphalt work. 

The roof installation is complete, with the elevator nearing 90% completion, and the final glass installation is scheduled to commence shortly. 

Interior work in academic wings and common areas, such as millwork, casework, and drywall installation, is progressing smoothly. Notably, the performing arts section is finished, marking a significant milestone in the project’s timeline.

Timpview High School:

At Timpview High School, ongoing efforts include clearing demolished areas, which are now entirely disconnected from the rest of the school, and other construction areas. Notably, the construction of the concrete gym on the right side is strategically scheduled after 2:30 PM to mitigate noise concerns.

Work on the cafeteria continues without any notable concerns raised by construction engineers. Plans for the next phase involve the construction of temporary stairs and the eventual installation of an elevator. Progress is evident with the assembly of bleachers and concessions buildings, while drywall installation is underway in the bleacher side locker room. 

The master plan is currently under review. Discussions regarding the optimal layout to enhance accessibility and functionality are underway regarding connecting the CTE building to the main school building.

Stakeholders can anticipate further updates on the steady progress.

View the slideshow with pictures here.

Spencer Tuinei
  • Communication Specialist
  • Spencer Tuinei