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Sara Staker, a mother to five students who’ve attended Provo schools, knows that great change doesn’t happen through one person’s efforts but by the many.

“It’s through the community. It’s by neighbors helping neighbors. Families helping other families. We have so many people who care but just don’t know how to connect with the people that need help.”

If you want to feed many, it requires many hands.

Sara Staker and Founder Babata Sonnenberg, along with volunteers, gathered donations to fill Westridge Elementary’s pantry and launch the new Panther Pantry at Dixon Middle School. Working alongside Chante Harrell, the school’s Social Worker, they set up storage spaces for the collected goods.

Students from service clubs at Dixon Middle School dedicated their Saturday morning outside of school hours to organizing and stocking the new pantry with 4,500 donated items. The generous contributions from the Grandview LDS Stake are already making a difference for families in need.

Sara Staker remarked, “Babata and I feel privileged to serve our community alongside our children, creating a meaningful impact.”

In the face of rising costs, these pantries offer crucial support to families struggling to make ends meet. To sustain these efforts, direct donations can be made to Megan Clark at Westridge Elementary or Chante Harrell at Dixon Middle School.

For those interested in donations, reach out to your school to see how you can donate to your pantry. Or, to donate to Dixon’s new Panther Pantry, please visit their donation page.The items listed can be ordered via our Amazon wish list, or you may deliver donations to the main office. 

About Service Dedicated to community service initiatives, Service aims to make a positive impact on those in need within our communities.

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