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During the June 11, 2024, Study Session Board Meeting, the school board received a comprehensive report on the ongoing construction developments at Timpview High, Shoreline Middle, and Wasatch Elementary.

Watch the PCSD Study Session Board Meeting from approximately 55:00 – 1:08:00 for a comprehensive review of the construction in our district.

Timpview High School

As a reminder, the demolition phase at Timpview High School is complete. The new parking lot area has been cleared, and progress has been made westward. Construction activities are focused on meeting expectations for the Master Plan, as discussion in the last construction update.

The western sidewalk and Canyon Road street-facing lot, previously prepared for parking lot construction, are now compacted and suited for an auditorium, per discussions about the Master Plan from the previous Study Session. One primary conflict in preparing the southwestern lot concerns rerouting stormwater on the grade (as discussed in the last construction update), which they are fixing this month.

Construction missed demolishing the exterior southern cafeteria wall connecting to the southwestern lot, which they will return to later in construction. This issue might place the construction plan slightly behind schedule.

Construction teams recently completed all footings and piers for the gym, wrestling, and dance area and installed the utility tunnel below. Masonry is ahead of schedule and is building the wall for the gym, wrestling, and dance area. The program’s power and electrical are slightly behind schedule, but the masonry is ahead of schedule, which puts the overall construction of the area above back on schedule.

Construction is prepared to start work on the football field. The Fire Marshal asked that the southern pathway leading northwards toward the football fields is to be fully lit during games, so the contractor is adding more exterior path lights. The press box is still en route and on schedule for installation at the end of the month.

The board reminded construction that we hope to work on any spaces that expedite interior construction and remove interior plywood walls as soon as possible, particularly within the Common areas. Construction mentioned that the teams will remember that while managing all high-priority building projects.

Drone shot of a muddy compacted construction lot drone shot of Canyon Road with a torn-out sidewalk and a mountain in the background Drone shot of the Southwestern lot pre-construction Bird's eye view drone shot of the same southwestern lot. A paved wall mid-masonry. A paved wall with masonry stacked within rebar. A drone shot of Timpview's demolished football field.

Wasatch Elementary

Wasatch Elementary is on target for a mid-January completion, with efforts underway to move this up to December. Construction is awaiting electrical supplies, which should arrive in September, and the team is prepared to start work as soon as they arrive. Roofing construction should conclude by the end of the month.

The Fire Marshal inspected the first floor of Wasatch, which passed with flying colors. Construction on the first-floor ceiling grid will begin next week. The second-floor drywall is complete, and preparations for installing third-floor mechanical and electrical systems are underway following the completion of framing.

On the surrounding site, teams are pouring concrete for the playground, and masons are starting on the veneer at the back of the building this month. Landscaping around the school is set to begin this summer.

Drone shot of Wasatch Elementary construction site, the parking lot, and surrounding road. An image of the brick patterns on the Kindergarten veneer Another drone shot capturing all of the Wasatch Elementary building. A long drone shot capturing the dirt lot surrounding the site pre-landscaping. An overhead image of the Wasatch building, demonstrating that roofing is mostly complete.This is more bathroom tiling. There is a wall of slim green tiles adjoined to a corner covered with slim gray tiles, in addition to a wall of lime-green tiles. This is the bathroom tiling. There is a wall of slim brown tiles adjoined to a wall corner covered with slim blue tiles beside a wall of green tiles. This is the gymnasium with exposed subflooring. This is a hallway capturing the second floor hallways with completed drywall. This is the sloping landscape and cement seating pads that surround the playground construction lot.

Shoreline Middle School

Shoreline Middle School is on schedule, with furniture installation planned for July 1. Site concrete is complete, and irrigation is being installed, with sod installation starting in a few weeks.

Millwork completion was delayed due to nationwide issues with countertop orders, but furniture installation remains unaffected. The gym floor is in place and will be painted in the next few weeks. The auditorium is now complete. Ceiling installation in the commons is progressing, with additional ceiling details and carpeting to be added on the second floor above the Commons. Final touch-ups are underway, and everything remains on schedule for the July 1st completion date.

Drone shot of Shoreline Middle construction site, the parking lot, and surrounding road. A wideshot of a Shoreline middle classroom; cabinetry, tiling, and a window, all complete. A drone shot of Shoreline Middle's parking lot. A drone shot of the field, hashed with shovel dig marks, ready for irrigation installation Yet another alternate shot of Shoreline Middle construction site, the parking lot, and surrounding road. Alternate Drone shot of Shoreline Middle construction site, the parking lot, and surrounding road.A wideshot of a crane moving materials inside of the Shoreline building. A split-screen image of detailed wooden ceiling tiles on the left image, and sub-flooring pre-carpeting on the right image. It's an image of detailed, stylized ceiling tiles. Three gray industrial vertical sliding doors are pictures, as is a ladder. They are the interior doors adjoining the soon-to-be cafeteria and commons. A long shot of the auditorium; rows of 650 blue chairs face a stage, and the sound-proofed walls and ceiling tiles are captured, too. A gymnasium floor, pre-paint. A Shoreline Middle Faculty Storage Room and workspace, stacked with brown cabinetry and laminated countertops.

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