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Recently, Independence High Schoolers in Jamie Hollingshead’s art class worked on their watercolor skills. Watercolor is a medium of painting in which the paint itself its water-soluble, creating a more transparent color. Because of this, watercolor can be a tricky medium to master.

However, in Jamie’s art class everyone is familiar with the oft repeated phrase, “Art is the essence of patience”. This is especially true for their watercolor projects.

In order to produce a product the students are happy with, they must begin their projects by patiently practicing basic skills and techniques of watercolor such as blending and bleeding colors, as well as using other elements such as salt and rubbing alcohol to create desirable effects.

Once these skills are mastered, the class then moves onto painting pictures of snails to further solidify the techniques previously practiced. First they sketch the snails, then exercise patience as they wet their drawings and apply the pigment. The slow process of creating these snail paintings will further help them master watercoloring and help them with their next, bigger project.

By working on this project, the hope is for the students to learn that art is a process and requires much practice.

Madison Bliss
  • Madison Bliss