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Middle Schoolers in Kaleb Ostraff’s 3D Design class break out all shades of red and green paper to start crafting their miniature holiday scenes.

In the spirit of the season, the students are creating 3D pop-up holiday cards to support a good cause. During this month’s choir concert at Centennial Middle School, the students will be selling their handmade cards. The money earned from their sale will be donated and used to buy food and clothing to help families in the community.

With this goal in mind, the middle schoolers work extra hard to make their cards festive and playful. Many choose Christmas trees as the focus of the card with presents, lights and snowflakes scattered around for extra cheer. According to Ostraff, this project has helped the students become better problem solvers as they work through challenges of creating a proper 3D image on their card. This project is also a great opportunity to show the students how art can benefit the community.

Along with the greeting cards, Ostraff’s other art classes are working on making ornaments to sell as well. Molded out of plaster and resin, the ornaments come ready to hang in a variety of festive shapes such as snowflakes and reindeer.

Madison Bliss
  • Madison Bliss