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Over the past half a decade, more and more schools in our District have been sending their students to space. The Space Labs reflect a STEAM mindset that encourages students to embrace technology in a way that takes them beyond entertainment into a world of hard work, leadership, cooperation, and education.

Whether or not your students are in Franklin or another school with a Space Lab, the Space Lab Program reflects the District’s commitment to embracing emerging technologies and empowering students to learn in ways that engage them in a way that stimulates their imagination.Each level in the Space Lab is a carefully crafted experience. The missions are designed with the same language and design sensibilities the students will recognize from the video games they play at home. Unlike the games they are used to, however, the Space Lab takes full advantage of having an entire group of players in the same room and leans into the opportunity to have its players run around and problem-solve with each other in real-time.

To understand the experience their pupils have when brought in for a mission, the teachers went through a similar experience together. They worked together to understand how it feels to be the one playing in the Space Lab.

Having events that students look forward to inside a classroom is a powerful incentive. There are many pulls on a child’s attention with modern technology, and having ways for that technology to work toward their well-being is an essential piece of the education puzzle.  

Alexander Glaves
  • Social Media/Marketing Specialist
  • Alexander Glaves