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“Fly High Falcons!” is the title of a new collaborative art piece the students of Franklin Elementary are currently working on.

Kim Peterson, the art teacher at Franklin in charge of this piece, couldn’t wait for her students to have the opportunity to work on a collaborative art project together. Peterson explains that collaboration is not only part of the art core standard, but also a big part of art in general. If students could learn the value of working together and collaborating now, they would be more successful in life.

As part of the art project, Peterson created the shape of the school’s mascot-a falcon, then allowed students in each grade to work on a specific part of the bird. Some grades were assigned the wings, others the body, and some were given the beak. With their assignment, students were to rip pieces of colored paper that matched that part of the falcon then fill in the section they were working on.

As each grade did their part, the falcon became more and more complete. Now nearly finished, the handmade, mosaic falcon will stand as a symbol of individuality, unity and teamwork for all those who enter Franklin Elementary.

Madison Bliss
  • Madison Bliss