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With cameras secured around their necks, Dixon Middle Schoolers in Leann Moody’s Digital Media class roam the hallways to scout out the perfect spot to complete their next photo challenge. Each group keeps a list consisting of 10 different tasks in hand as they try to finish their photo scavenger hunt.

Some items on the list include taking shots of shadows, a group hug, funny faces and someone running or jumping. Once the group finds a prime location, they take turns posing and snapping away on their camera. This variety of photo requirements helps the students take pictures from different angles and perspectives.

By participating in a photo scavenger hunt, the students in Moody’s class get the opportunity to experiment and practice different techniques in a fun and interactive way. The students will further develop their media skills by processing the photos using Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. Doing so will also help prepare these students when it comes time to work on the school’s yearbook.

Once edited, many of the pictures taken throughout the year can be added to the students’ portfolio for future use. According to Moody, it is important for her students to build their portfolio early on, especially in this career field.

Madison Bliss
  • Madison Bliss

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