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We would like to extend a special thanks to our district employees who will be retiring this year. Thank you for the years of service, you will be missed.

Charles Ah You

Counselor at Provo High School

Charles Ah YouCharles Ah You has served as guidance counselor for Provo High School for the past 21 years. Mr. Ah You loves working with students and their parents to set goals for their lives and work towards them. As a counselor at PHS, he has had the opportunity to work with students from all spectrums of the student body. He especially enjoys encouraging students who are struggling. He has also been a strong advocate for the Pacific Islander community, being involved in the People of the Pacific program, advisor for the Polynesian Club, cultural events connected to Provo, and helping our young people of that population feel connected and supported. He’s there to help the Polynesian youth feel connected and supported. He has initiated and facilitated countless events, scholarship opportunities, and community cultural interactions in ways that only his extensive background and understanding could achieve.

Ann Avery

Teacher at Provo Peaks Elementary

Ann AveryAnn’s career in education started in 1978.  In 2002, Ann and her family moved to Utah where she started teaching for Provo City School District. She taught at various schools including: Sunset View, Wasatch, and Provo Peaks (where she currently teaches).  Ann sincerely cares about her students.  She is constantly looking for ways not only to help her students academically, but socially and emotionally as well. Ann knows that every student is like a puzzle that needs to be solved, and feels that it all starts out by building positive relationships with the students. She has a knack for getting students excited to learn and then keeping them on task.  Ann is a terrific teacher and has been highly loved by students and parents. She brought many great attributes to the 2nd grade team and to our school. She will be missed.

Linda Boyer 

Speech Language Pathologist at Sunset View & Spring Creek

Linda BoyerLinda Boyer has been a Speech-Language Pathologist in Provo City School District since 2005.  She works at Sunset View Elementary and Spring Creek Elementary.  During the summer, Linda has also helped out at Sunrise Preschool doing assessments.  Linda is what every Speech-Language Pathologist should strive to be.  She is passionate about what she does and gives at least 110% to each of the students she works with. Linda knows the students she works with and makes sure they are getting as much intervention as possible to help them communicate more effectively.  Linda always works hard to do what she thinks is best for her students to make the most progress they can.  Linda is always willing to share her ideas and knowledge and never hesitates to help others when she is asked.  

Kim Broadbent

Technology at the District Office

Kim BroadbentKim Broadbent has taught at Provo City School District for thirty-three years. She taught 4th, 5th, and 6th grade at Westridge Elementary for the first 25 years of her career. In the classroom she developed her technology skills and eventually moved into the computer lab to help struggling students. Her understanding of technology and her creativity in the classroom made her an integral part of the Westridge team that created model classrooms for the State of Utah.  After her time at Westridge she worked for three years at the district level with the technology department as an Integration Specialist. The final five years of her career were spent with the district Learning Initiative. Here, she helped teachers integrate technology into their curriculum.

Marilyn Carter  

Instructional Assistant at Centennial Middle

Marilyn CarterMarilyn Carter has been a Special Education Para Educator at Centennial Middle School since 1998-1999. Marilyn is an incredibly loving and supportive member of our team.  She has always looked for ways she can help and do more. She has worked to support students in self-contained Special Education classes, Resource Special Education classes, and students with IEPs in general education classes.  She has tracked students’ grades in their various classes and helped them complete missing assignments.  No matter what she was asked to do, she looked for ways to do more.  At all times she has remained completely dependable, kind, patient, and invested in our students’ success.

Donna Chantry

Teacher at East Bay Post High

Donna ChantryDonna Chantry has worked in special education in our district for 35 years.   She has taught at Canyon Crest Elementary, Provo Peaks Elementary, and East Bay Post High. Donna has a passion for teaching.  She loves her students.  She has spent her career advocating for students with significant needs. Her first assignment was teaching special kindergarten where students were just beginning to learn.  Her last assignment has been at post high where the students are learning how to live in the community and become the most independent citizens possible.  Donna has tackled the challenges of special education with a smile and a determination to help her students succeed. She has made countless dreams come true for her students, parents, and co-workers.

Dalys Christensen

Child Nutrition Manager at Sunset View Elementary

Dayles ChristensenDalys Christensen is one of a kind! Since joining the Provo City School District Child Nutrition team in January 1996, Dalys proved herself to be a valuable, dependable, and caring employee! Having a deep, heartfelt commitment to children and school community, Dalys always went the extra mile to ensure that every child had a warm and loving experience in her school lunchroom. All the extra touches that Dalys put so much time and effort into speak highly of her big heart and caring ways.  She genuinely loved her kids and enjoyed seeing their happy faces and smiles! Dalys was such a positive light in her kitchen and always went above and beyond to be kind to everyone! Her service to our Provo children will never be forgotten!

Anne Crosland 

Teacher at Timpview High

Anne CroslandAnne Crosland began teaching math at Timpview in 1986. She has taught every course in the math department and currently teaches AP Calculus, Linear Algebra and Secondary Math III.  Anne is a champion of students and finds different ways to engage them in learning the language of mathematics.  Anne has also helped Timpview’s best and brightest students shine as Sterling Scholars.  As students prepare their portfolios and reflect on what they are going to say in their interviews, they have come to know Anne and her thoughtfulness as she provided feedback and support throughout the process.  We wish Anne all the best as she pursues other interests and spends more time with her family!

Sheldon Davis 

Teacher at Provo High

Sheldon DavisSheldon Davis has served as the woodshop teacher for Provo High School for the past 20 years.  He has proven himself to be not just a dependable and effective teacher, but also a mentor to his department and school faculty.  Sheldon will be missed by his students.  His classes are always filled as soon as students can sign up, and students look to him as not only a teacher, but a real role model.  His calm presence of authority, knowledge, and understanding, create an environment that all students, but especially some of the most behaviorally challenged students, can thrive in.  The work that he and students have produced over the years showcases the skill and art a teacher can influence, and he truly is the kind of teacher a school can only hope for.

Patricia Drussel 

Teacher at Dixon Middle

Pat DrusselPat Drussel has taught English at Dixon for 29 years. She loves English, the students and Dixon. She loves to challenge the students, support them in their development, and help them to achieve more than they thought they could. She truly works to give her students real feedback in the development process-reading each one of their assignments and providing useful comments and insight.  Pat is a part of the Dixon community fabric, with many students making the request to be in her class upon recommendation of their parents, who were also in her class. She supports the Dixon teachers school-wide, going out of her way to help them enjoy the success she has had throughout her career. She will genuinely be missed at Dixon.

Davilyn Ferrin

Teacher at Provost Elementary

Davilyn FerrinDavilyn Ferrin has worked for 15 years and is loved by the Provost community. Davilyn has been a Kindergarten teacher for many years, and also worked as the Title 1 coordinator for a few years.  Davilyn loved to have parents participate in her classroom. The relationships that she created with the parents had a big impact on the learning of her students.  Davilyn used her extensive knowledge of child development to help Provost kids become well adjusted individuals, ready to tackle the daily rigors of school.  She also went the extra mile—often providing outside resources and parental involvement to expand the young minds entrusted to her.  She was a consummate professional—always positive, and always thinking of ways to find win-win solutions to problems.   

Patricia Gerstner 

Teacher at Timpview High

Pat GerstnerPat Gerstner has served as Library/Media Teacher at Timpview High School for 13 years!  She has worked in Provo City School District for a total of 30 years, having previously been a librarian at Dixon Middle School (six years), Centennial Middle School (11 years), Farrer Elementary School (four years as substitute), and Provo High School (one Summer). Pat has transformed our library/media center to be the cornerstone of our school.  Her unparalleled dedication and passion for providing students with opportunities to engage in literacy and research has empowered students to maximize their learning potential. Pat cares immensely for the students she serves.  Pat is an incredible student advocate; she always makes herself available to support students when they need help.  Pat has also created innovative ways to get students to access literature.  

Vicki Guymon 

Lead Secretary at Provost Elementary

Vicki GuymanVicki Guymon has worked at Provost for 15 years and in various other roles and schools around the District for 33 years.  Vicki was often the first person students, parents, and staff dealt with as a myriad of unforeseen problems and concerns would arise-always doing so with love, understanding, and a spirit of cooperativeness. Vicki is quick to create positive relationships with parents and staff.  She always greets everyone with a smile and has a positive attitude that is welcoming. No matter the reason, Vicki took care of every child and parent that came to the office so well, and in such a fine manner, they always felt like they had an advocate and friend at Provost—someone who knew them by name and who cared about them personally. Vicki will be greatly missed by the Provost community!  

Marian Haigh 

Teacher at Centennial Middle

Marian HaighMarian Haigh graduated from college in the spring of 2003 and substitute taught during the fall of that year. She again subbed the following school year and was hired during December break to teach at Centennial Middle School. She has said it was the best thing to ever happen to her. She worked at Centennial for the next 15 years where she received her ESL and Gifted endorsement and attended the Jeff Whilhelm Seminar (completing her coursework). Marian has been a humorous and loving member of the faculty for a decade and a half, and we will miss her spirit, wisdom, and grace when she leaves us.

Michael Halverson

Teacher at Provo High

Michael HalversonMichael Halverson first received his teaching license in 1986, and has taught at Provo High for 20 years.   In addition to his regular teaching duties, Halverson used his talents to produce videos and photos for the school basketball and football teams. Mike has spent countless hours working with kids in multiple forms of photography and digital image production, including video production and commercial photography.  He loves seeing every student develop his or her own identity as a learner, and he finds it rewarding to see the excitement of students as they develop their talents and skills.  

William Hendrickson

Teacher at Dixon Middle

William HendricksonBill Hendrickson has been at Dixon since Farrer Jr. High closed in 2005. He has diligently worked on behalf of his students and been an example of finishing strong. Coach loves sports, his students and Provo. He loves to support students as they develop basic skills and turn them into an ability to perform a sport or physical task with competency.  He has worked to meet the interests of students, including soccer, lacrosse, and indoor futsal, while still including the classics of American sports. He has also included unique activities along the way, like the Polynesian adapted game of Monkanai. Coach’s energy, smile, wit, and southern charm will be missed at Dixon. 

Sharilyn Horrocks

Special Programs Coach at District Office

Sharilyn HorrockSharilyn Horrocks has worked in special education in our district for 31 years.  She worked primarily at Timpanogos Elementary and Amelia Earhart Elementary. The last two years she has been assigned to Amelia and Lakeview. She has spent the last several years leading special education teams and mentoring new teachers.  Shari has a contagious smile and laugh.  She loves her students.  Special Education can be stressful because of the many expectations, but Shari comes to work each day with a positive attitude and a focus on the student.  She sees her students as capable and glories in the progress they make when given the support they need.  Shari values the parents and teachers she serves and knows how to help teams to move forward.  Shari’s work has been invaluable.

Mary Hutchings

Teacher at Provo High

Mary HutchingsMary Hutchings has served as the ESL Coordinator and Language Arts teacher for Provo High School.  She has worked in Provo City School District for a total of 16 years, having previously worked at Edgemont Elementary. Mary enjoys empowering students, parents and teachers to expand upon their limits and reach their potential.  She loves seeing every student develop his or her resolve and resilience along with their English skills.  She finds it rewarding to see the excitement of students as they make progress in areas that were previously a deficit. Mary also strives to build relationships with the Provo Community.  She has created community events that include the whole family. Mary relishes any opportunity to invite parents to PHS and engage them in their child’s education.

Maritza Larson

Counselor at Edgemont Elementary

Maritza LarsonMaritza Larson has worked as a school counselor at Centennial Middle School for 20 years. She has enjoyed this challenge because it gave her the opportunity to work with English Language Learners from all over the world, as well as the general student body. Prior to becoming a counselor, she taught Spanish at Provo High School for 5 years, taught Spanish Immersion for one year at Oak Canyon Junior High in Lindon, and taught Spanish in East Lansing, Michigan. She received her bachelor’s degree in Spanish teaching from Brigham Young University and her master’s degree in Guidance Counseling at the University of Phoenix. Maritza has been an amazing member of the counseling center at CMS! 

Gary LeCheminant 

Teacher at Lakeview Elementary

Gary LeCheminantGary LeCheminant began his time in Provo working as a 5th grade teacher at Grandview Elementary.  When Lakeview opened up, he made the transition to a new school and a new grade as he moved to the 2nd grade team.  He has been a valuable part of our faculty, often taking some of the kids that needed “a little extra attention”. His students loved him and respected him. He truly cared about his students. He would worry about their home life or if a student was struggling academically. He was a great mentor to student teachers for years. He was always willing to take student teachers and do whatever was asked of him.

LaRae Mason

Teacher at Timpview High

LaRae Mason began working at Timpview High School in 1985. Her 35-year career has made an indelible impression on our hearts. Anyone who works with LaRae can attest to her love of children, kind nature, and professionalism in carrying out her many responsibilities. She has taught the Early Childhood Education, Child Development, and Adult Roles classes. Her content was about people and how to navigate the relationships of family. She truly prepared Timpview students for “life” after high school and exemplified the people skills she taught.  Outside of the classroom, LaRae was a strong proponent of the FCCLA chapter at Timpview and served as department chair of the Family and Consumer Science (FCS).  LaRae was popular among the students and faculty because she was a positive person and looked for the good in others. She will truly be missed.

Dennis Meyers 

Administrator at Oak Springs

Dennis MeyersDennis Meyers began his Educational Career 36 years ago. His first job was teaching regular education at Sunset View Elementary.  He then spent time teaching special education at Farrer Middle School, before moving to Amelia Earhart to teach 6th grade.  In 2001, he became Principal at Oak Springs School, where he has worked tirelessly for many years.  Upon his arrival, he implemented systemic and structural changes to the entire education program. Through his determination, Dennis created a more effective educational environment in order to provide meaningful services to the students. He has loved all the students and has been a positive example and role model in many of their lives. Dennis Meyers has the heart of a true educator and the wisdom to do what really matters. 

Christina Mutch

Teacher at Provo Adult Education

Christina MutchChristina Mutch has worked in the Provo City School District for 25 years. She taught at Dixon Middle School and Independence High School, but most of her teaching has been at Provo Adult Education. Over those years she has taught English, Creative Writing, Reading, Math, Science and GED preparation. Christina sets high expectations for her students and her students strive to meet those expectations. Christina works very hard to make sure her students understand the concepts she is teaching because she wants them to be prepared for whatever comes next in their lives, whether that is college, military, or work.  She sincerely cares about her students and will do everything in her power to help them be successful. 

Donna Nelson 

Administrative Assistant at the District Office

Donna NelsonDonna Nelson has served in the Provo City School District for 27 years.  She worked four years at Independence High School, then spent the next 23 in the District Office as an Administrative Assistant where she managed many of the details of the Student Services Department.  In this role, she has influenced and supported many students, families, and employees. Donna is dedicated, detail-oriented, self-motivated, and highly professional.  She has overseen the confidential safekeeping and transfer of student records, Section 504 files, disciplinary and placement screenings, Youth in Care intake, along with significant and detailed budgets and reports.  Donna has been respected as not only a hard worker, but a thoughtful and empathetic listener with high moral character. Donna’s grace and poise as the face of Student Services for more than two decades will be missed.

Jane Parker

Work Based Learning Coordinator at Provo High

Jane ParkerJane Parker has served as the Work-Based Learning Coordinator for Provo High, and the middle and elementary immediately preceding her position at Provo High, for the past ten years. Jane loves empowering students to expand upon their limits and reach the pinnacle of success.  She loves seeing every student develop his or her own identity as a learner, and finds it rewarding to see the excitement of students as they make progress in areas that were previously a deficit. Jane is the author of Reality Town and has implemented that program throughout our district and others.  She has connected with businesses and the community to help students understand the “reality” of their decisions as students and how that affects future decisions as adults. She has been a strong advocate of CTE and has been actively involved in promoting those programs throughout the state.

Mary Peck 

Librarian at Wasatch Elementary

Mary PeckMary Peck has served as the Librarian for Wasatch Elementary School for the past 10 years.  She has worked at Provo City School District for many years at Canyon Crest and Wasatch in a variety of different positions. Mary loves working with the Wasatch students. She loves seeing every student develop their own love of reading, find new experiences with genres they may not have previously enjoyed, and helping students develop storytelling skills. Mary also strives to build relationships with the Wasatch Community.  She has created our Wasatch Storytelling Festival.  She has also held many successful author visits for all grade levels and authors of many book genres to inspire our students to grow as authors themselves. Mary relishes any opportunity to enhance the lives of all within the Wasatch community. 

Carrie Peterson

Special Education Coach at the District Office

Carrie PetersonCarrie Peterson has dedicated her professional life to providing excellent services to students with disabilities. Her passion and love for these students has been constant and never wavering.  She began her teaching career at Canyon Crest Elementary 34 years ago where she taught students with significant disabilities, students in the resource program, and students in second grade. Carrie then moved to a position at the district level. During her time as a special education coordinator, Carrie’s positive influence continued. She has collaborated with special educators, general educators, and administration. If a discussion ever arose that involved differing opinions, Carrie could always be counted on to be an advocate for the child. Carrie is a one of a kind educator and will be missed by parents, educators, and students. 

Christian Peterson

Maintenance at Central Utah Enterprise

Chris PetersonChris began working at Central Utah Enterprises in April of 1990. For the past 30 years Chris has literally held CUE together as head of all maintenance to the building, grounds and vehicles. If something broke, Chris took care of it. If something quit working, Chris took care of it. If something needed to be replaced, Chris also took care of that. In later years, Chris was instrumental in helping CUE become a 501c3. He is a member of the governing board, a member of the management team assisting in making daily operational decisions and has helped make CUE the successful program it is today.

Karen Robertson 

Instructional Assistant at Lakeview Elementary

Karen RobertsonKaren began her love of working with students in 1989 as a crossing guard for students at Grandview Elementary. In 1996 she made a change for the better and was hired on at Grandview to work as their Physical Education teacher, and was there for 12 years. When Grandview Elementary closed, Karen was part of the group that moved to the brand new Lakeview Elementary, where she continued in her capacity as PE teacher.  Karen was also part of the office team in the mornings as she jumped in and took on the role of attendance secretary, checking in students as they arrived late and sending them off with a cheery hello and goodbye and a quick reminder to be on time tomorrow. 

Ty Robinson 

Teacher at Provo  High

Ty RobinsonTy Robinson has served as science and physics teacher for Provo High School for the past two decades. During his career, he has been the NHS Adviser, District Science Fair and PHS Science Fair Adviser, Geology Club Adviser, and Science Club Adviser. Some of Ty’s outstanding achievements include his teams placing at Science Fairs (district, state level and international level).  He was published in five professional geology publications, and was able to name a new geologic formation in western Utah called the Mormon Gap Formation.  His passion for his discipline is apparent and comes through in everything he does. He loves his students and works hard to reach every one of them. Students tell us he is kind, understanding, and tries to make everyone smile.

Dave Shelton 

Teacher at Timpview High

Dave SheltonDave Shelton has taught Chemistry at Timpview High School for the past 22 years. Dave also taught Biology, coached the Freshman Boys’ Basketball Team and served as a Teacher Mentor. Dave is well-known for his caring and wit.  Dave has high standards and expectations for the students and often pushed them past what they thought they could do.  The students trusted that he would help them to learn, grow and succeed.  In addition to being an amazing teacher, Dave taught people that little things matter.  He is an excellent coach helping new teachers learn how to navigate difficult situations.  Dave inspired teachers to try new strategies and technologies in their classrooms. We will miss him dearly and wish him well with his newest endeavors.

Shelley Shelton 

Administrative Assistant at the District Office

Shelley SheltonShelley Shelton has served in a variety of impactful positions in the Provo City School District for many years. For the last nearly 20 years, she has been the administrative assistant for the superintendent. This role included duties as secretary to the Board of Education.  Shelley has not only served effectively in the positions she has held, but has also been known as a friend to all. The candy jar on her desk is without question the most visited location in the entire district office. While you are searching for just the right treat, a conversation begins and it might go on for longer than expected because of how easy it is to talk with her. Not only Shelley’s fine work, but her gracious presence will be missed. 

Glori Smith  

Teacher at Timpview High

Glori SmithGlori Smith has been a teacher at Timpview High School for 30 years having taught Russian, History, Government, English, ELL, and Geography!  She is a gifted educator that implements highly effective instructional strategies.  She works diligently to provide her students with learning opportunities on what it means to be an engaged citizen.  Glori is also a valued member of her department; everyone loves to hear her thoughts, opinions, and ideas.  It is well known that Glori is one of the best colleagues to partner and collaborate with. One of Glori’s most impressive contributions is her ability to go above-and-beyond for her students.  Glori actively advocates for all her students and pays close and careful attention to students who may be considered disadvantaged and/or have less resources and support than their typical peers.  She is a great example to all educators!

Teresa Smith 

Teacher at Sunset View Elementary

Teresa SmithTeresa Smith has had an amazing journey serving countless students and families in the Provo City School District.  Since 1993, Teresa has served in numerous teaching capacities at both Sunset View and Franklin Elementary.  Her positions have  included both kindergarten and Title I preschool at Sunset View Elementary as well as kindergarten and first grade at Franklin Elementary. Without a doubt, she is a master teacher, as seen in her roles as a Kindergarten teacher, team leader, district grade level trainer, and a preschool teacher.  Throughout her career, she has taught the essential foundational skills to help students be successful in reading, math, and social interactions.  She always expected students to achieve at high levels and was devoted to facilitating their progress to those high levels.

Susan Teemant

Counselor at Provo High

Susan TeemantSusan Teemant joined Provo High 5 years ago.  Previously, Susan dedicated 20 years in Provo City School District as a Paraprofessional, Office Aide and Financial Secretary. Susan is a very compassionate counselor who takes excellent care of her students and is a strong advocate for them.  She is always eager to meet with students and help them in whatever area they need help whether it be social and emotional, academic, or college and career goals.  Her students trust her, and are fiercely loyal to her for their questions/needs.  She is trusted as a dependable and thorough counselor who makes a difference in the lives of students and families at Provo High School.  Susan has been a joy to work with.

Kathy Torgerson  

Teacher at Canyon Crest Elementary

Kathy TorgersonKathy Torgerson first came to Canyon Crest as a District Literacy Coach, after having taught nearly 30 years in Provo City School District. She has been a beloved fifth grade teacher here for the past two years. She cares about her students and works hard to help them succeed. Some of her finest qualities are how kind she is, easy to talk with, and her wonderful sense of humor. She talks comfortably with any age group, and even when things are challenging, she is able to make a joke, and everyone laughs. She will be dearly missed here at the school and throughout the district!

Gary Wilson

Student Services Director

Gary WilsonGary Wilson has served for seven years in the Provo City School District as a Director of Student Services and Assistant Superintendent.  During Gary’s tenure in Provo, he worked diligently to expand the school district’s capacity to support student safety and well-being.  He implemented the addition of Health Clerks and Social Workers at every school, along with a team of Family Liaisons to support Provo families with every aspect of learning and living.  Gary also strengthened the district’s emphasis on inclusion and equity for the city’s increasingly diverse residents.  His approach was always to proactively connect and strengthen key relationships, and value each student and patron.  At the core of all of Gary’s work was his ability to connect with people and articulate a clear and inspiring vision. His work, vision and legacy will be long-lasting.

Shauna Sprunger
  • Coordinator of Communications
  • Shauna Sprunger