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Last modified: March 6, 2024

CTE Mission Statement

The mission of Career and Technical Education (CTE) is to provide all students a seamless education system, driven by a College and Career Awareness (CCA), through competency-based instructions culminating in essential life skills, certified occupational skills and meaningful employment and/or entrance into a higher education institution for advanced preparation.

CTE classes provide every student with the opportunity to explore a variety of career areas in their middle school and high schools years that will equip him/her with the academic knowledge, technical and employment skills vital for entry into the evolving workforce of the 21st century.

Program Objectives

  • Provide elementary school students career awareness
  • Provide middle school students career exploration activities and assist them to identify career interests
  • Assist high school students with education/career planning and the selection of education/career pathways
  • Prepare high school students through school-based and work-based learning experiences
  • Prepare students to demonstrate competency in core subjects and critical workplace skills
  • Assist high school graduates to enter meaningful employment and/or advanced studies at a higher education institution.