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Last modified: October 5, 2023

Work-Based Learning / CTE Internships / CAPS

Work-Based Learning (WBL) opportunities are provided to help students prepare for the future by connecting the classroom and the workplace. A variety of WBL options are available to students in Provo City School District including CTE Internships, Provo CAPS, career fairs, job shadows and guest speakers.

CTE Internships

Internships give students the opportunity to explore careers they are interested in, learn a variety of skills under the guidance of adult mentors, work in teams, meet employers’ expectations and create professional relationships. Students are placed in businesses relating to their career interests and goals. On the job training combined with training in professional skills, helps students get a good understanding of their own future goals and interests along with great practical experience.

Junior and Senior students may be eligible for an internship if they have good grades (3.0 GPA), good attendance, and have taken or are currently enrolled in a CTE class related to the internship/career.

Students interested in participating in an internship, need to complete all the steps below.

  1. Submit an internship application and register for required workshops
    • Fall Semester application deadline is May 20.
    • Spring Semester application deadline is November 30.
  2. Successfully complete professional development workshops
  3. Interview with a business partner for internship placement
  4. Submit signed Training Agreement

After successful completion of the steps above, the CTE Internship course will be added to the student’s schedule.

Students will attend internships during the assigned time throughout the semester, submit time cards, and complete other assignments in Canvas (LinkedIn posts, recommendation requests, skill endorsement requests, course evaluation, etc.). Students will meet with WBL Coordinator/Specialist monthly to discuss progress and address questions or concerns. CTE Internship is graded on a pass/fail basis. Students must submit required hours and earn an 80% or higher on all assignments to receive a passing grade. 

Provo CAPS (Center for Advanced Professional Studies)

Provo Center for Advanced Professional Studies (CAPS) is an innovative high school program in which students are fully immersed in a professional culture, solve real-world problems, and use industry-standard tools while being mentored by actual employers. Students will spend their semester in collaborative groups completing actual business projects from local businesses.

Program Logistics:

  • Students travel to the CAPS Center for two periods in the afternoon.
  • District transportation available, if needed.
  • Students select a strand as a focus for the semester project
    • Business, Marketing and Entrepreneurship
    • Digital Design and Software Development
    • Engineering and Industrial Design
    • Medicine and Health Science
  • Students earn 1.0 credit of CTE each semester.
  • Students will be graded upon completion of the project.
  • Teachers, business mentors and industry professionals will help students along the way.

Go to to find additional information and to apply for the program.


To find out more about internships or CAPS, please contact the following individual:

Work-Based Learning Coordinator, CAPS Director

Jan Jardine

Email Jan Jardine

Mountainland Technical College (MTECH)

In partnership with Provo City School District, Mountainland Technical College (MTECH) provides high school students advanced technical training for high school credit.

Students may enroll in MTECH programs tuition-free and learn marketable job skills before graduation. Students are responsible for applicable fees and will be required to purchase books and other supplies depending on the various program requirements.

The fees vary in amount and must be paid by the payment deadline. Students must be a junior or senior and at least 16 years old and register through their high school coordinator to attend MTECH.

Students interested in taking a course at MTECH should contact their high school counselor for details.