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Canyon Crest Elementary School celebrated El Dia del Niño, a traditional Mexican celebration of children, with special events, festivities, games and food on May 12, 2017.

El “Dia del Niño” or “Day of the Child” is a celebration that originated in Mexico since 1925. It is traditionally celebrated each year on April 30th. It is now celebrated in Latin American and other countries around the world on different dates. On this day, the rights of children are honored, as they are the voice of the future.

Music is provided outside for the students, teachers and parents to dance. All the students get to play outside and eat lunch outside with their friends and family. The upper grade (5th and 6th) students have activities where the younger grades can go and have fun. Some of the activities include: face painting, balloons, scooter rides, soccer game, basketball game, drawing with chalks and much more. Students do a gift exchange with someone else in their class, this way everyone gets a gift to take home.

Canyon Crest began their celebration in 2009 when the Spanish Dual Immersion Program started. The principal at the time wanted to include a cultural aspect of the program that the whole school could enjoy. When a teacher brought up “El Día del Niño” it was warmly welcomed.

The “El Dia del Niño” celebration at Canyon Crest lets students know they are valued and gives them a broader world view.  Canyon Crest has teachers from Mexico, Venezuela, Puerto Rico, Spain, El Ecuador and Argentina.

Kate Simpson
  • Kate Simpson