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Amelia Earhart sixth grade students showed off their architect skills during a visit by professional architects from Saltus Architecture + Urban Design on May 19, 2017.

Architects from Saltus walked around the library at Amelia Earhart to evaluate the end-of-year projects and converse with students about their experience of implementing architectural design. For this project, students were paired into teams and given specific instructions as if each team had a real client. Specific square footage, room types and design styles were given.

Students applied their math skills to calculate costs, scale blueprints and make the 3D model of their client’s home. Models ranged in material and style. Some homes were made of cardboard and had three levels with a pool, others had two levels and walls made of card stock paper. Student’s were creative in the coloring and decorating of the model homes, each with its own creative flair.

Both student architects and the professional architects talked about the best ways to layout rooms in a building, which materials to use and how to make it come to life. Some students said they preferred doing the math to figure out the scale of the project and others enjoyed budgeting for materials. Each team had to determine priorities, budgeting and work together as a team.

Fun fact: Jeff Knighton, co-founder and principal of Saltus Architecture + Urban Design, designed his first building as a student at Timpview High School!

Thank you to Saltus Architecture + Urban Design for coming to Amelia and inspiring future architects!

Kate Simpson
  • Kate Simpson