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Yesterday, Zero Fatalities visited Independence and Provo high school to share with the students its passion and focus to eliminate fatalities on our roadways. Each student was invited to participate in a Virtual Reality experience to empirically visualize how easily distracted drivers can cause fatal car accidents.

Before students took their turn with the virtual reality experience they answered a few questions to assess how frequent they used their cell phone while driving. After participating in the VR experience where students witnessed a car accident they caused, they also had the opportunity to join the ‘It Can Wait’ movement. Students pledged to never use their cell phone while driving. VR glasses were given to the students labeled with a website to visit to invite their loved ones to also take the pledge.

In 2017, Utah has seen a little over 200 traffic fatalities. This number can be significantly reduced if we take the pledge and encourage our loved ones to put the phone down while driving! About 90% of people say they’d stop using their phone if a friend in the car asked them to pledge today because every life matters!

Alexia Diaz
  • Alexia Diaz