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Everyone grew up having a role model or a hero they looked up to. It is no different for our Wasatch sixth graders. Because we understand that students need good examples to look up to, Wasatch sixth graders participated in a Sports Hero Day at Brigham Young University.

Over a thousand sixth graders roamed the campus on Thursday, January 18 and Friday, January 19, 2018. The on-campus program, Y-Serve, hosted the students and guided them to various 20-minute rotations. At each rotation, the students talked to a BYU athlete and learned more about what it takes to be a college athlete. “Children at that age are searching for heroes, role models to whom they may look to help guide their paths,” Y-Serve director Chris Crippen said.

The students interacted with athletes from the football, men’s and women’s soccer, rugby, lacrosse, swim, dive and volleyball teams. After the students completed the rotations, they were brought together for a power rally given by Cosmo the Cougar, the Dunk Team and the cheerleaders.

The students went crazy as they watched the Dunk Team flip off of trampolines and dunk a basketball. To conclude the event, four athletes spoke to the students. Those athletes were Ashley Hatch from the women’s soccer team, Cheyenne Hill from the gymnastic team, Corbin Kaufusi from the basketball and football teams, and Tanner Mangum from the football team.

It was a great learning experience for our students. They learned about what it takes to be a good athlete in college, and the academic responsibility that comes along with it. It is always a wonderful opportunity when students can be on a college campus and visualize themselves furthering their education. Not to mention the students enjoyed eating at the restaurants in the Cougar Eat on campus.

Provo City School District is proud of its students and the influence these athletes made on them. Everyone needs a hero, and there is not much better than finding a hero who is furthering an education while doing what he or she loves.

Shalee Hiskey
  • Shalee Hiskey