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The students are the teachers in Macey Bunn’s Early Childhood Education class at Timpview High School. From advanced classroom management and reading comprehension techniques to differentiated instruction practices, there are fewer courses that better prepare a student– college courses included– for teaching.

High school students gathered the preschoolers on the rug for a series of mini-lessons, followed by a Valentine’s Day book reading. Each student took turns playing “Head Teacher,” directing preschoolers using classroom management strategies, modeling good behavior, establishing guidelines, and using concise physical directions. Students prompted children with terms like “Marshmallow in mouth!” to keep from speaking out of turn or to “keep your criss-cross applesauce!” to stay seated. They pulled popsicle sticks with preschoolers’ names from a jar, calling on students to answer questions equitably. During the reading assignment, they asked the children questions to demonstrate comprehension, asking students to make connections to their personal experiences or to make predictions– a real-world technique teachers use to incorporate state strands. And, just as importantly, the preschoolers were having a blast. 

After the reading, high schoolers knelt at the children’s side, helping them create Valentine’s Day cards and gift bags to take home to their parents. Preschoolers practiced communicating and collaborating with their peers, sharing card ideas and crafts supplies alike. 

Watching high school students implement high-level teaching practices– and seeing how engaged preschoolers were in the learning experience– was a treat. Early Childhood Education is an outstanding CTE program for students interested in pursuing a career in education or related fields. With a strong emphasis on hands-on experience, critical thinking, and life skills, this program prepares students for success both in the classroom and in life. If you want you or your child to prepare for the challenges and opportunities of the future, then Early Childhood Education is a perfect choice.

Spencer Tuinei
  • Communication Specialist
  • Spencer Tuinei

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