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On Friday evening, Governor Herbert announced guidelines for everyone to stay home as much as possible. While employees and schools in the district have been practicing this, there will be a few adjustments moving forward.

In response to the announcement, State Superintendent Sydnee Dickson provided the following clarifications:

“We understand that spring break and other issues are resulting in some students coming to pick up materials at school. Make sure this is done so on a limited basis using the practices outlined by Governor Herbert with distancing and proper hygiene. Any tutoring or small group work that was occurring at your school building should cease at this time and move to virtual means. We ask that you continue to limit adults in the building to essential personnel and support educators working from home. Meals can continue to be provided through your school using your current methods. These directives are in place until April 13th as outlined in the directive.”

  • For this week before spring break, meal service will continue unchanged. Over spring break, breakfast and lunch will be provided at 9 locations. Those 9 locations will be the only locations providing meal service following spring break as well. Options are being discussed to provide meal service following spring break to select locations in that do not have meal service at the neighborhood school. Please visit to see the list of locations providing meals during and after spring break.
  • The scheduled Chromebook distribution for Monday (3/30) and Tuesday (3/31) will continue as planned. Plans are in place to distribute these devices while practicing social distancing as much as possible and there will not be groups larger than 10 people.
  • Doors at schools will continue to be locked, but front offices will be accessible to the public on certain days and/or by appointment. Each school will develop and communicate a schedule early this week, which will identify when the front office will be staffed. Phone calls and emails will be answered each day. The front office staff will have access to handle those situations from home. The majority of our district employees have been asked to work from home and avoid entering buildings as much as possible.
  • Spring break is scheduled to take place the week of April 6-10. Many possibilities were considered regarding keeping spring break scheduled, including reaching out to teachers in the district. During consultation with the Provo Education Association, teachers requested that spring break continue as scheduled. That, along with other factors, has led to the plan to keep the break as scheduled.

We continually monitor the coronavirus situation and how that may affect parents, students and employees and maintain constant communication with state officials to learn what guidelines they recommend. We will continue to pass important information along to you as we receive it. Thank you for your support.

Shauna Sprunger
  • Coordinator of Communications
  • Shauna Sprunger