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The United Way’s Day of Caring is an annual event that brings together volunteers from local organizations to make a positive impact in the Provo City School District. This special day is all about community collaboration, with volunteers dedicating a few hours to assist elementary schools in various meaningful ways. In 2023, the Day of Caring proved to be a remarkable success, leaving a lasting impression on both volunteers and students.

One of the highlights of this year’s event was the volunteers’ involvement in teaching STEM lessons to elementary students.

For 45 minutes, each student became a civil engineer. They were tasked with using a deck of notecards to build a 3-foot tower strong enough to support another unopened deck of notecards. More important than the task itself was the instruction given between attempts. The guest instructors taught their temporary class a frame of observation, trial, and evaluation to give them tools to better their structures or any other project they might be working on.

In addition to the educational aspect, volunteers also contributed to the physical improvement of the school environment. They repainted recess blacktops, creating vibrant and inviting spaces for students to enjoy their outdoor playtime. This not only added a splash of color to the school grounds but also demonstrated the power of teamwork and community pride.

Day of Caring volunteers also undertook the important task of cleaning up litter around the schools. This not only beautified the school surroundings but also instilled a sense of responsibility and environmental awareness in the students. It served as a valuable lesson in taking care of one’s community and the environment.

Apart from these primary activities, volunteers pitched in to help with various other acts of service, which included organizing classrooms, setting up reading corners, and providing general maintenance assistance. Their efforts translated into a more organized and conducive learning environment for the students.

The United Way’s Day of Caring is a shining example of how a community can come together to create positive change. It not only supports the local schools and educators but also empowers volunteers to make a meaningful difference in the lives of young students. By participating in this event, volunteers serve as role models and sources of inspiration for the next generation, showcasing the importance of community engagement and giving back.

Alexander Glaves
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  • Alexander Glaves