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The Utah State Office of Education (USOE) awarded teachers Jennifer Heldenbrand and Julianna Gylseth the Sorenson Legacy Award on Friday, April 15, for displaying excellence in arts education.

The Sorenson Legacy Award was named after Beverley Taylor Sorenson who worked tirelessly to promote the arts as an avenue for students to develop voice, sustain engagement in school and evoke reflection and response.

Canyon Crest – Jennifer Heldenbrand

Jennifer Heldenbrand

Mrs. Heldenbrand has taught at Canyon Crest for eleven years and won the Sorenson Legacy Award in the Elementary Arts Integration category. Those who nominated Mrs. Heldenbrand for this award said she has great enthusiasm for teaching and stays dedicated to her students’ art education.

Through taking classes on her own and training staff, Jennifer and a co-worker were able to successfully implement a Professional Learning Arts Integration program to Canyon Crest. Further, Jennifer coordinates classes with the Utah Museum of Fine Arts traveling museum, Springville Museum of Art to provide valuable experiences for her students. Because of her achievements, the USOE awarded Mrs. Heldenbrand $5,000, half of which will go towards Canyon Crest. Thanks to her efforts, the school received this extra funding for future programs.

Spring Creek – Julianna Gylseth

Julianna Gylseth

Mrs. Gylseth has taught at Spring Creek for ten years and won the Sorenson Legacy Award in the Elementary Music category. Those who nominated Mrs. Glyseth for this award said she is passionate about helping her students develop lifelong musical skills. Many also agree that she constantly recognizes each student’s musical potential and consistently looks for ways to uplift her students’ self-esteem.

Throughout her years at Spring Creek, Mrs. Gylseth has taught her students how to compose, sing, play and read music. She has put on many productions at the school and serves as the conductor for one of the Spring Creek choirs.

Beyond school, Mrs. Gylseth teaches Kodaly certification courses at BYU’s InterMuse Academy and presents workshops both state and nationwide.

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