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Many students rush home at the end of the day, but these students are learning how to pop, lock, and freestyle!

Under the direction of Amber Cooper, students at Rock Canyon Elementary are not just learning how to dance, they are also developing their own sense of style. Cooper’s class helps young dancers develop muscle memory, while teaching rhythm, coordination, musicality, and choreography. Because the class requires them to think on their feet, they also develop focus, strength, and agility, all while having fun.

Accompanied by age-appropriate music and movements, Cooper works closely with students to ensure they feel confident when they hit the dance floor. First, she breaks-down the choreography, allowing dancers to follow along. Then, she practices with them which includes drills, full choreography rehearsals, and individual coaching. Towards the end of class, students run-through the entirety of the choreography a number of times. Cooper is then able to see who needs some assistance, and make any necessary changes to the movements.

With a performance coming up in May, the young dancers are preparing to impress and do their best.

The class is led by a remarkable teacher, with an extensive background in dance.

Cooper started teaching dance when she was a teenager, but her passion for dance began when she was just a toddler. Through her experience, she’s learned how dance helps people of all ages reach their full potential because it encourages them to express themselves in positive ways.

These tiny dancers are grateful for the generous support of community members and businesses, which enables the Foundation to fund numerous opportunities for students, like hip hop. Elevating students’ success is the Foundation’s mission and is done through activities, including extended day programs, scholarships for students, and grants for teachers.

Rock Canyon’s Hip Hop class continues to promote regular exercise, self-expression, personal growth, and fun!

Shauna Sprunger
  • Coordinator of Communications
  • Shauna Sprunger