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Mary Jenkins, a student at Timpview, has won the 2020 Math Sterling Scholar title. 

The winners of the 48th annual Sterling Scholar awards for the Wasatch Front Region were announced March 19. Due to coronavirus concerns, the annual ceremony to honor the winners was canceled. The students honored were announced in an email sent to all of the schools.

According to the Deseret news article, there were 1,038 nominees involved from 93 high schools, with judges from among Utah universities, business leaders and high school officials. 

When asked what she loves about math, Jenkins stated: “I love the way that math gives an absolute answer. It’s fully logical and once a solid proof is found it has no margin of error. Math … gives me opportunities to make the world a better place. It can be used to find more efficient and cost-effective ways to help people. Math can find the optimal location for a well, find patterns in data that teach us more about disease, and be a tool to design safer and more efficient machines. These things can, in turn, provide water to people in need, suggest new ways to treat a disease, or reduce the number of accidents with machinery. All of these things make the world a better place to live. By studying math, no matter what else I study, I’ll be able to get the tools that I need so that I can help people.” (Deseret News, 2020). 

Read more about this student’s great accomplishments as featured by the Deseret News article. 

Deseret News Article 

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