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Timpview High School students are giving back and taking care of the community that takes care of them. 

Amid ongoing construction projects impacting local neighborhood parking, Timpview High School’s students, led by various clubs and teams, have rallied with faculty to establish the “Street Adoption Program.” This innovative program aims to maintain a strong connection between the school and its surrounding community, demonstrating the school’s gratitude for the support the community consistently provides. 

The construction at Timpview High School has led to temporary parking challenges for students and community members. Students are temporarily required to park on the streets adjacent to their homes.

In response to this situation, Timpview’s principals have gathered Student Government, Latinos in Action, Girls Volleyball, Cross Country, Girls Tennis, Football, Golf, and Marching Band teams through the Street Adoption Program to ensure that their presence is a source of positivity for the neighborhood, and a celebration of the many communities, cultures, and traits that Provo holds dear.

Every month, these clubs and teams join forces to create and distribute goody bags filled with delightful treats, school spirit swag, and valuable tickets to local school events such as theater plays and sporting contests. This gesture not only adds a touch of joy to the residents’ lives but also encourages them to become more engaged with the school’s various activities.

However, the Street Adoption Program is not solely about gift-giving. Timpview’s students have embraced the opportunity to engage in hands-on community service by cleaning the streets, restoring neglected community spaces, and tending to gardens and green areas that have lost their vitality over time.

The Street Adoption Program exemplifies how a simple idea can grow to nourish all segments of a neighborhood; students from different walks of life tend to their neighbors and sow goodwill, caring for a long-settled community while producing more empathetic, more united youth.

By providing support, camaraderie, and a shared sense of responsibility, many students of Timpview High School are finding common ground with the neighborhood residents, forging bonds that might not have otherwise been possible.

Spencer Tuinei
  • Communication Specialist
  • Spencer Tuinei