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The spirit of giving continues as volunteers and members of the faculty at Westridge Elementary stock the shelves of the “Principal’s Pantry” with cereal, pasta, rice and various canned goods.

These items were recently collected as part of a school-wide food drive where students donated over 2,500 items to help families in need. To benefit from the Principal’s Pantry, parents fill out order forms then send them to school with their students, who collect the items and return home with them.

The students of Westridge also participated in “Penny Wars” to raise money for charitable causes. By adding pennies to their own class jar, the point total would increase. However, adding larger silver coins such as nickels and dimes to rivalry class jars would take away from their point total. In this small way, students were able to participate in a friendly competition and raise over $2,000. Most of this money was donated to Community Action Services and Food Bank to help in their mission to solve poverty and create self-sufficient adults. A smaller portion of the money stayed within Westridge’s community to further help families in need.

To continue with the theme of giving, 66 Thanksgiving Dinner baskets, complete with everything needed for the holiday meal were also prepared by neighbors and friends to donate to families of Westridge and Franklin Elementary. In addition to this, a monetary donation was provided for these two schools to go toward winter clothing and grocery gift cards.

We are so grateful for these acts of kindness and encourage everyone to reach out and serve those in need.

Madison Bliss
  • Madison Bliss