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Lately, students at Provost have been competing in an uncommon challenge: memorizing their telephone numbers.

This challenge was created by Dawn Little, one of the administrative assistants at Provost, in an effort to help students remember their important phone numbers. Dawn said, “it is amazing how many kids don’t know their telephone number and we find it’s very important for them to know this info”.

Each week, two classes will be selected to “battle” each other by coming to the front office during either their recess or lunch to pass off their phone number, as well as their emergency number. When the individual students pass of their phone number, they get a prize. The class that passes off the most phone numbers at the end of the week will receive the traveling Telephone Trophy.

This past week, Mr. Sprunger and Mrs. Roger’s classes battled it out until Mrs. Roger’s class won at the last second!

The students at Provost have been loving this challenge and it is sure to leave a lasting impact. While its all fun and games now, it is important for a child to know their phone number in an age where most of us just use our “contacts” setting in our phone and what better way to help the students learn than turning it into a fun, competitive challenge.

Shauna Sprunger
  • Coordinator of Communications
  • Shauna Sprunger