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We love having the opportunity to explore the district and meet the incredible teachers, ESPs, and admin that make this district wonderful.

Today, we celebrate an excellent example of loving service and curiosity-driven innovation, Teresa Toluta’u.

Teresa Toluta’u, a teacher at Provost Elementary. Teresa is a teacher who inspires awe and appreciation in her colleagues and students.

She is a lifelong learner and brings an air of excited curiosity into everything she does in her classroom. Her reputation has made her a pillar in her school community, as evidenced by all her coworkers coming to her for help with their challenges.

“She always has the answer to help us,” says Haley Holland, a 4th Grade Teacher at Provost. “And to help kids with reading, math, and writing. It’s amazing.

“And not only that, but she helps in every way in our classroom.”

From volunteering as a crossing guard to helping on district committees, Teresa embodies what it means to be involved in the school community.

Thank you so much for all you do for Provo, Teresa. We need people like you in our schools and with our students and staff.

You help the educators around you elevate the quality of education for the students you serve.

We hope to bring the same passion to our work that Teresa does every day. Thank you.

Alexander Glaves
  • Social Media/Marketing Specialist
  • Alexander Glaves