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Each year we celebrate outstanding teachers from each school and honor them at our Board Meeting. These teachers are paragons of compassionate advocacy, teaching with high love and high expectations for students.

We thank these teachers for their hard work and the examples they set for our students. Here are our Teachers of the Year:

Adult Education – Gayle Painter

The foundation of Gayle’s teaching is preparation, personal connection, and reflection. She creates compelling and engaging lessons connected to her students’ interests. Gayle’s dedication to her students is evident in the welcoming classroom climate she makes. She greets each student by name and checks in with each student regularly to see how they are doing. Her commitment to her students and her passion for teaching and learning make her deserving of this recognition.

Amelia Earhart – Linda Gunn

Linda is an incredibly kind and loving colleague and teacher. She is invested in the success of each one of her students. She understands effective management and instructional strategies. Linda is warm and inviting to students, parents, team members, and all staff. She helps Amelia Earhart be a positive place. She is an exemplary teacher who has impacted many students incredibly and has had an incredible and lasting impact over the years.

Canyon Crest Elementary – Sheliah Saluone

Sheliah has an impressive student-centered approach to teaching and learning, is a contributive team member and leader, and is a great student advocate. Sheliah is a gifted educator who implements highly effective and engaging instructional strategies. She has structured and systematic routines built into her instruction. Her

solid instructional style, team mindset, and care for students are truly inspiring.

Centennial Middle School – Tani Brown

In the classroom, Tani is a master at differentiating for individual student needs and making her lessons engaging and relevant for our students. They trust her and learn so much from her. She is also supportive of everything extracurricular. She will show up to watch performances, cheer students on, and support her colleagues. She participates in district-wide initiatives and contributes to the good of the whole organization. She is loved and respected by everyone.

Dixon Middle School – Misty Haacke

Misty is one of the best teachers, as in the top three ever, that I have worked with in my 28 years. She makes a tremendous difference in the lives of her students and also in the lives of our staff. She is a teacher who can work with students from diverse backgrounds and help them achieve beyond their expectations. She genuinely concerns herself with the well-being of each student. She cares about her students, community, and her fellow educators. She has an understanding of good practice and a vision of success for students. We are indeed very fortunate to have her at Dixon! 

East Bay Post High – Gary Lacock

Gary is in a league of his own. He has done more to increase Provo City School District’s graduation rate than any other individual. His dedication to his students is unsurpassed. He will meet with them before, during, and after hours. He has compassion about him that all who know him appreciate. He is non-judgemental. He doesn’t care where the student is coming from, what they have or haven’t done, or their situation. He not only wants his students to pass the assessments but to pass the test of life.

Edgemont Elementary – Sasha Spencer

Sasha is always conscientious about her students’ success in French and other subjects in 4th grade. She creates engaging lessons that help students learn the content and remember and apply it. Sasha is always cheerful and is a great problem solver. She is always professional and has excellent relationships with all our school’s faculty, parents, and students. Sasha is a tremendous asset to Edgemont Elementary School, and we are so happy and proud she is part of our team.

Franklin Elementary – Vicki Morrisse

I can say, without a doubt, that Vicki is the kind of colleague that you dream of having. She is self-motivated, takes pride in her work, and always puts the needs of students first. She understands the time and effort that is needed to be successful, and I know that she will do whatever it takes to help those around her have that same success. We are blessed to have Vicki as an educator, mentor, and friend at Franklin Elementary. She is awesome and deserves recognition as teacher of the year.

Independence High School – Jamie Hollingshead

Jaimie’s commitment to what Independence stands for is apparent in her projects, ideas, and philosophies. Her thoughtfulness towards others on birthdays, holidays, and other special events shows her care for her peers. Jamie’s visions for what education can and should be are innovative. She can often be found in long discussions questioning and exploring new ideas and concepts, trying to find the right match between teacher growth, meaningful design, and student needs. Thank you for everything you do for Independence High School and our family here!

Lakeview Elementary – Lani Norris

Lani has worked tirelessly in her classroom to create a strong classroom community. She is kind and caring in her interactions with all students. She advocates for every student, seeking out the resources they need for help beyond the classroom. Her classroom management is highly structured and thoughtful. Lani is well-respected and well-liked by her peers and fellow teachers. She is a positive force, a team player, and a joy to work with. We have been extremely lucky to have her as a teacher and hope to keep her for years to come.

Provo High School – Diane Cluff

Our staff members appreciate Diane’s passion and commitment to her work. Whether mentoring a student, meeting with a parent, or guiding a catering event in our community, Diane is a kind and competent individual to everyone she meets. In addition to her kindness and compassion, Diane is an expert in her field and a mentor to other teachers across the state. She has a wealth of knowledge and experience that guides all of us at Provo High School. Provo High School is a better place because of her!

Provo Peaks Elementary – Coleen Bevan

As a teacher, Coleen has a special gift for working with students who have never been in school. She understands their challenges, works tirelessly to help them succeed, and loves learning. Her patience and kindness are evident in how she interacts with her students, and she is always willing to go the extra mile to ensure that they understand the material and feel confident in their abilities. I do not doubt that she will continue to make a difference in the lives of those around her for many years to come.

Provost Elementary – Teresa Dickson

Ms. Dickson is an exceptional teacher who has gone above and beyond to create a supportive and nurturing environment in her classroom. Ms. Dickson genuinely cares about all her students, and it shows in how she teaches and interacts with them. Her classroom truly feels like a family, and it is a testament to her hard work and dedication as a teacher. Her passion for teaching, commitment to her students, and ability to create a supportive and inclusive environment are just a few reasons she deserves this recognition.

Rock Canyon Elementary – Emalie McKee

Mrs. McKee is an outstanding professional teacher. Her management skills are terrific. The classroom climate and environment are very warm and inviting for all students. She always keeps her cool when things might get somewhat challenging. She is a real credit to our profession and a model teacher. She is well-liked and respected by her cohorts, staff, and our community. 

Spring Creek Elementary – Leslie Stilson

Leslie epitomizes teacher efficacy, resulting in her contributions as a teacher leader at Spring Creek having far-reaching effects on our community. Her dedication to being the best teacher for her students is seen in her countless emails and phone calls to parents to work with them positively as partners in their child’s education. Her willingness to provide high-quality instruction inside and outside the regular school day speaks to her work ethic and dedication. Professionally and personally, she is a stellar representative of educators in our community and district.

Sunrise Preschool Elementary – Krisnet Hernandez

Krisnet shows enthusiasm for teaching and learning and is positive and supportive of her students. She goes the extra mile in making connections with parents and families. She plans and individualizes her lessons to meet all her students’ needs; Krisnet is an excellent support for coworkers, providing ideas, helping with lesson planning and instruction, and supporting classroom management. Krisnet is beloved by her students, student families, and colleagues. 

Sunset View Elementary – Michelle Fordham

Michelle is extremely passionate about teaching. She finds ways to connect and motivate her students through engaging, fun activities. With high expectations and phenomenal instruction, her students make incredible academic growth. Her creativity, love of her students, and instructional approach fashion a positive classroom environment where students feel valued and cherished. We are very lucky to have Michelle Fordham as a teacher at Sunset View Elementary.

Timpanogos Elementary – Jamie Beck

Year after year, Jamie helps students of all abilities succeed in her class. Jamie goes above and beyond in all she does. Jamie always has innovative ideas and helps other colleagues grow professionally. Jamie is the consummate professional. All teachers and staff find Jamie easy to work with because of her kind nature and passion for the students. Students also have seen the concern and care that Jamie has shown as she has worked with them. Those at Timpanogos feel they couldn’t do their jobs without Jamie.

Timpview High School – Elizabeth Brooks

Elizabeth is the model of a life-long learner. She is humble and teachable, attributes that provide fertile soil for growth and success. She is great with students and connecting with her classes. She is creative and understanding of [students] needs. She makes herself available to help. Elizabeth is a good listener and an astute observer of best practices. Elizabeth’s students’ work has been highlighted multiple times, including when visitors see Timpview’s AVID success.

Wasatch Elementary – Megan Anderson

Megan is keenly aware of good communication and focuses on finding solutions to problems that may arise. Her natural willingness to coach and help team members builds skills within our staff and creates an even more effective learning environment for students and teachers alike. Megan’s adaptability to new teaching techniques, effective communication with coworkers, deliberate decision-making, and thoughtful implementation of instructional strategies are great assets to our school. Her professionalism and dedication will continue to strengthen our school and district.

Westridge Elementary – Mariel Boone 

Mariel is an energetic teacher that has a true passion for students. Mariel is a true advocate for her students, past and present. If she feels there is a need, she will diligently work to find a way to help her students. Mariel seeks ways to support her students academically, socially, and emotionally. She always puts her students’ needs above anything else. She is always kind and supportive of all students and -fellow staff members. Mariel is a positive, energetic, dedicated teacher and an essential part of the Westridge team.

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