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Akemi Bonilla, a sixth-grade student at Sunset View Elementary, has left her mark on Provo City School District’s annual This Is Us Arts Gala by showcasing her magnificent portraits. Akemi’s passion for art shines through in her work, and her talent has landed her a well-deserved spot in this prestigious event.

Akemi’s art traces artistic influence from animated styles, depicting emotive characters in close-up or mid-length portraits. She blends bold, contrasting colors, intricate details, and captivating expressions that bring dynamic energy to her work. 

More importantly, however, Akemi attributes her passion for art to her mom. 

Akemi explained that her mom once drew a smiley face on their whiteboard. And Akemi, drawn to draw, copied her mother’s art. Akemi had yet to turn two. 

“My mom had a video of it– she told me she was shocked to see this tiny kid drawing so well.”

Akemi continued perfecting her art, which inevitably ended up at the district’s This Is Us Arts Gala, which hosted exceptional art from each school. Akemi’s artwork was the talk of the Gala, attracting onlookers to point out her portrait as a favorite. 

As an artist, Akemi understands that every brush or pencil stroke is part of a larger picture. To build up herself as an artist, she plans to take art classes in secondary school to explore her artistic vision.

She also knows that, just like in life, art requires patience, persistence, and dedication to achieve greatness. Akemi’s dedication to her craft has enabled her to create a body of work that speaks volumes about her passion and skill.

We want to congratulate Akemi on her incredible achievement and thank her for sharing her talent. We are proud to have her represent Sunset View and Provo City School District at the This Is Us Arts Gala.

We can’t wait to see what she creates next. Keep painting, Akemi! The world needs your art.

Spencer Tuinei
  • Communication Specialist
  • Spencer Tuinei