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Sunset View recently hosted a large number of visitors at their school. A few of these individuals included Michelle Obama, Susan B. Anthony and Walt Disney. Through participating in the fifth grade wax museum, many students and parents were able to meet these important individuals through live portrayals from the fifth grade class.

This year, each fifth grader was assigned to research an individual that is significant in United States history. They were told to put together a short report with important details and fun facts about their specific person. As part of the research assignment, students were asked to find costume pieces and dress up as that individual. Each student dressed up as their researched person and, together with all the other students, created a mock wax museum, where visitors could see the students dressed up as these important people. 

All in all, there were many significant people represented at this museum. These included P.T. Barnum, Alexander Hamilton, Steve Jobs, John F. Kennedy and many others.  Both the students  and visitors were able to learn more about vital people and events in US history through this project.  

Shauna Sprunger
  • Coordinator of Communications
  • Shauna Sprunger