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It’s that time of year again: graduation. However, it’s not just high school and college students walking the stage. Kindergarteners in our district are graduating as well. 

Sunset View Elementary school hosted their Kindergarten graduation earlier this week. The program consisted of cute songs sung by the Kindergarteners and recognition of each student. The gym was filled with excited parents, waiting with graduation balloons and other surprises for their little graduates. 

Other elementary schools in our district have been putting on similar graduation ceremonies for their Kindergarten classes. While a Kindergarten graduation may seem trivial to some, there is major importance held within these events. By allowing students to get a glimpse of graduation at a young age, it is setting up the students for a greater chance of success. The young students can start getting excited for future high school and college graduation events as they get a hint of what is to come in their future. This excitement sparks motivation in students to succeed in their schooling so that they can continue to graduate later on in their academic careers. 

All in all, this was a great event for parents, students and staff. Congratulations to the Sunset View Kindergarten graduates and to the other elementary school Kindergarten graduates as well! 

Shauna Sprunger
  • Coordinator of Communications
  • Shauna Sprunger

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