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February is CTE Month and we are excited to highlight the broad spectrum of fields that CTE has to offer. For today’s post, we would like to highlight one of our CTE students; Kendall Hyatt. 

Kendall is a Senior at Timpview and is taking all CTE classes this semester. 

Her teacher Bruce Gabbitas said, “[Kendall] is amazing! She’s multi-talented; from computer programming to wrestling. If she combines these skills with her strength and determination, I expect her to create the fiercest robot at Timpview.”

In addition to being enrolled in automotive, welding, and woods classes, Kendall is also completing an automotive service technology internship with Mike Hassell. She hopes to gain her auto mechanics certification before she graduates. 

When asked about her character, a close source to Kendall said, “Kendall is spunky and always looking to improve herself. She also likes to empower and lift others as well. She really cares about seeing other people become successful.” 

They continue, “She really loves cars. Her goal is to create a zero-emissions car that is affordable and fast.”

When asked what she wants to do after highschool Kendall said, “I want to be a mechanical engineer. I also want to share my passion with little girls and get them excited about the possibilities of engineering.” 

So far, Kendall has been accepted to four universities— with three still pending. We are excited to see where she decides to study and wish her luck in her endeavors! 

Shauna Sprunger
  • Coordinator of Communications
  • Shauna Sprunger