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A student and educator were recently featured in the Daily Herald.

Jayden Trejo, a student at Spring Creek Elementary, has been nominated as this week’s student of the week.

Jayden was nominated because of his grit and determination.

“Jayden’s work ethic and dedication make him a good role model for his fellow classmates,” stated his second grade teacher, Mrs. Baughman. “His bubbly personality and positive energy lifts everyone’s spirits.”

When asked how he navigates online learning, Baughman said, “Jayden has been consistent in his work and submits his assignments on time. At first, Jayden had a difficult time logging onto his chromebook, but one day, his parents and I hopped on a Zoom call together and figured it out.”

“Both he and his parents have taken on the challenge of remote learning. They are leaders in accountability.”

Outside of school, Jayden can be found creating art. One day, he hopes to be an artist. With the amount of dedication and positivity he possesses, we are confident that he can accomplish his goals.

Student of the Week Daily Herald Article

Christina Magleby, a first grade teacher at Provo Peaks Elementary School, has been nominated as this week’s educator of the week.

Christina was nominated because of her motivation and dedication.

“Christina’s larger-than-life personality makes everything more fun,” said a fellow co-worker. “She is one of the most committed teachers I’ve ever seen. She is truly a leader in our school.”   As a leader, Christina is committed to a life of education. “Christina is always learning,” shared another co-worker. “Just recently, she completed her ESL and STEM endorsement. She is constantly looking for ways to improve her teaching skills.”

When asked how she goes above and beyond, a co-worker stated, “Christina is a fierce advocate for students with disabilities. She works hard to create a safe, welcoming and inclusive environment for her students. They know they are unconditionally loved by Mrs. Magleby!”

During the Coronavirus pandemic, Christina has been fighting a personal battle of her own with cancer. “Even though she is going through chemotherapy, she continues to wear a smile on her face,” shared a staff member. “She has this special ability to make every person feel like a million bucks! Christina is truly a gem and Provo Peaks is beyond grateful to have her.”

Educator of the Week Daily Herald Article

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