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“If a honey bee falls into honey and gets stuck, other bees pull the bee out of the honey,” Spring Creek Principal Ruthann Snow shared at their start-of-the-year assembly aptly titled the “Bee-Great Assembly.” 

“That is what we do at our school. We help others.”

Spring Creek students buzzed at the start of the Bee-Great Assembly, repeating after their principal to Be Kind, Be Safe, and Be Responsible.

Principal Snow spoke about their Bee Cord, a way for students to nominate teachers and friends for being stand-up students and staff, and the Principal’s Hive, another nomination jar in which two students win a lunch with the principal. Students then reviewed safe reporting and positive behavior in the hallways and classrooms, answering questions forwarded by Principal Snow. 

Last to address the students was the district’s head Resource Officer, Jon Orgill. “You know what’s cool about being kind? It’s contagious,” he told students. Students nodded in agreement.

The Bee-Great Assembly was a reminder of Spring Creek’s compassionate culture– much like their bee-themed mottos, the students and staff act as a hive, caring and sharing was one another. Their student’s involvement and interest in well-being were impressive, and as an outsider, their deep-dyed camaraderie was uplifting.

Spencer Tuinei
  • Communication Specialist
  • Spencer Tuinei

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